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Free Climate Change Game

Bring lessons to life and make your job easier with our range of primary curriculum resources. With Busy Things for Schools, you can access hundreds of exciting games and activities for children aged 3–11 on every subject in the syllabus, all mapped onto the objectives for the English, Scottish, and Australian curricula. So, you know your pupils will be practising and developing the right skills — and having lots of fun too!

We have school curriculum resources to support children as they progress through the objectives for their age group. Our Nursery and Early Years Foundation Stage games are ideal for pre-school children, while our Key Stage 1 and 2 games will support them when they move onto more advanced learning objectives. All resources have even been checked by our team of expert advisors to make sure they’re relevant to the curriculum and meet the needs of both students and teachers.

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All of our educational games and activities are aligned to the English, Scottish and Australian curricula, so you can use Busy Things wherever you are.

Busy Things covers a wide range of subjects across the whole of curriculum offering you a complete Primary solution.

But that’s not all! Busy Things for Schools also includes activities supporting other aspects of the curriculum:

Design technology

Religious education

Cooking and nutrition


Special events and fun themes

Golden time

Teach, Laugh and Learn across the whole curriculum

Busy Things’ primary curriculum resources will help you teach Maths, English, Phonics, Science, History, Geography, Art and Music, and more! Plus, with our curriculum search tool, you can find content matched to your chosen learning objective at the click of the button, making your lesson-planning quicker and easier.

Busy Things offers many different types of resources, designed to help pupils learn and teachers teach. Teacher-led resources will help you get trickier or more complex concepts across, and the pupil-led resources will reinforce and revise your teaching.

To learn more about the curriculum tools and resources on Busy Things, read our Teacher features page.

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