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Bring the EYFS to life with our highly visual approach to working with letters, numbers, shapes and problem solving!

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Pre-school learners can explore our Early Years resources independently or as a class, and there are plenty of teacher tools for more assisted learning.

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A wide range of different EYFS resources ensures there is something to suit all types of learners and abilities in your classroom. And, as we have a selection of Early Years resources to cover all areas of learning in the framework, there’s an activity for every subject. 

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Open ended EYFS activities encourage children to explore, experiment and develop their creativity and self-confidence.

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It supports our pupil's learning most excellently. The children choose to play on the IWB, practicing their letter formation or dot-counting again and again.

Alistair Juckes, Viewley Hill Academy

All content is fully mapped to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS)

Early years curriculum links

Planning a session to address an Early Learning Goal?

You will quickly find content mapped to the EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning and the prime and specific areas of Learning and Development.

Our phonics activities are all mapped to the Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics Programme.

 Not in England?

Covering all areas of Learning and Development within the framework, our EYFS activities can easily be adapted to suit early years settings worldwide. Busy Things for Schools is also mapped to the Scottish and Australian curricula — learn more.

Why do our school subscribers recommend using Busy Things in the classroom?

Here are just some of the Early Years highlights...

A comprehensive phonics programme    

The loveable Dog and Cat can help you introduce children to phonics and support the development of their reading and writing skills.

Our customisable interactive games provide step-by-step support for synthetic phonics programmes such as Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics.

You can create hundreds of customised phonics worksheets using our powerful resource maker tool and introduce phonemes using our whiteboard widget.

This mix of teacher-led and child-initiated EYFS activities will support you to build a good phonics foundation ahead of Year 1.

Tons of tools and features to help YOU help them!   

Easy to customise settings, animated demos to help teach difficult concepts and a powerful curriculum search tool are just some of the features designed to make your planning and reviewing easier.


Learn more about how Busy Things can save you time and make life simpler in the Teacher features section.

Quick-fire activities in the Busy Box! 

A firm favourite with early learners and beyond! With our fast-paced Early Years interactive games, children can collect stars and sticker rewards. Busy Box activities are perfect for building confidence and developing knowledge through independent free-play.

Your school can try to climb the leader board against our other school subscribers to introduce some friendly rivalry too!

Themed activities for context learning

You'll find writing and painting projects for all the favourite early years learning and development themes. Our Early Years resources include creative projects on mini-beasts, people who help us, under the sea, pirates, traditional tales plus LOTS more. We're open to suggestions too, just send in your requests!

Our project activities give children wonderful opportunities to be imaginative and to strengthen and deepen their learning and development.

Play and develop essential skills across a range of devices

Interactive white boards: Great for front of class group sessions, encouraging the development of positive relationships through turn-taking and strengthening listening and speaking skills.

Desktop and laptop computers: Children can enjoy developing early mouse and keyboard skills using co-ordination and control.

Tablets: Perfect for children to play and explore independently to really kick-start a love of learning!

The child friendly picture-based menus are excellent for non-readers and introduce them to basic ICT navigation skills.

Busy Things is a safe online environment

We take e-safety very seriously. Children can explore our EYFS resources freely with no risk of finding themselves on another website, and we do not display any external links or adverts.

Desktop computers and android tablets can be forced into full screen in order to hide the address bar.

You even have the option to lock children into a specific area help keep your pupils focused on the task at hand.

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Busy Things isn’t just for pre-school children: we also have a range of activities for Key Stage 1 and 2 students to suit every subject, including Maths, English, Phonics, Art and Music, History, Geography, Science, coding and more! There’s even an assortment of educational apps!

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And finally, probably most importantly... children really do LOVE Busy Things!


Busy Things is built with the needs of pre-school children in mind, meaning we create content that will hold their attention and which they’ll absolutely love to play!

We believe that children learn best through play and laughter, which is why we fill our resources with bright colours, funny sounds and entertaining animations. Your children will have so much fun that they don’t even realise they're learning!


“All the children cheer when they see the Busy Things icon.”


Karen Moses, Christ Church Primary School