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Our coding games are perfect for introducing programming concepts to young children step by step. Children can quickly create, run and debug simple programs.

Our funky Beard Man character is sure to engage your child as they learn to make him to walk, dance and collect stars. In more technical terms they will learn the coding basics of repeat loops, conditionals, events and variables! They’ll be creating their own “call and response” game in no time!

Busy Code programs are built by linking simple blocks together - drag and drop the blocks to assemble a program, they will snap together like jigsaw pieces!



All of our games have been checked and approved by our expert team of teacher advisors, so you can be sure your little ones are learning key skills that will help them at school.


Busy Things for Families is easy to access on a computer, phone or tablet.


Coding games for ages 5 to 7

Our coding games ask children to visualise and sequence commands to make characters walk, turn, dance and collect items.


Other coding games in this area include using arrow keys to program a helicopter to rescue cows, and a chicken to pick up shapes!


Our coding games for very young children help pave the way to more advanced coding challenges as they begin to visualise a sequence of events and describe position, direction and movement.

Contsruct simple programs with our coding and sequencing games.

Coding games for ages 7 to 11

For older children, our coding tutorials introduce programming concepts step by step.


Our coding games challenge children by asking them to solve problems using the concepts introduced in the tutorials.


Busy Things also includes coding projects that encourage children to experiment and make up their own programs.


Our coding games are supported by a printable guide and online help.

Program our beard man to walk, dance, jump and collect stars! 

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