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Talk Like a Pirate Day Activities

19th September 2024

Ahoy, mateys! Looking for some educational and engaging Talk Like a Pirate Day activities that will let your kids unleash their inner pirate? We’ve got resources that will get children using their imaginations, learning about history, and - of course - talking like pirates. Read on to learn more about the games we have on offer!

Wanted: dead or alive! icon

Wanted: dead or alive!

Ask your children to create a 'Wanted Poster'! A great way to get them writing and using their imagination. Use our ready-made template and text tools, plus a selection of clip art, photographs and paint tools.




Parts of a pirate ship icon

Parts of a pirate ship

Drag and drop the labels into place and use the 'Mark it' button to learn about the different parts of a pirate ship. A great front-of-class activity or for discussion in small groups. This activity can also be exported as a PDF worksheet.




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