Summer school activities

June - September 2024

Keep your pupils engaged throughout the final weeks of term with these summer school activities. At Busy Things, we have an assortment of summery educational resources for primary children, including writing exercises, art projects, and many more.

Write about summer icon

Write about summer

Choose a template and answer the three questions. Use the drawing tools or import a photo to fill in the picture box(es).

When discussing this season, consider such things as temperature, day length, what animals and plants are doing, weather, and human activities and festivals.

Key points:

  • What are the four seasons?
  • Can you explain what causes the seasons?
  • Which season is your favourite?


Summer scrapbook activity pack icon

Summer scrapbook activity pack

This PDF contains 8 pages: A cover to colour in, several writing templates to help children describe and illustrate a special day or a holiday memory, 2 scavenger hunt check-lists and more.




Summer travel activity pack icon

Summer travel activity pack

This PDF contains 7 pages: A spot-the-word grid, a spot the difference, a monkey maze and more!








Summer monster activity pack icon

Summer monster activity pack

This PDF contains 11 pages: A monster maze activity, 2 x spot the differences, a monster code-cracking game, make your own Monster Guess Who game and more!





Ordering - Seasons icon

Ordering - Seasons

Ask your children to label the segments of the circle with the seasons, clockwise in the correct order. Get them to notice and discuss that the seasons progress in a cycle. Aak them to think about what happens to the plants and trees as the seasons progress and how the length of the days change.

Weather maps: British Isles icon

Weather maps: British Isles

Children can choose part or all of the British Isles from our ready-made templates in this weather forecast project! There is a range of weather symbols for them to drag into place and an area to type their forecast descriptions!

Write about the weather icon

Write about the weather

Ask your children to write about a particular type of weather. There are templates for nine different waether conditions, including; rain, snow, wind, hail, fog, rainbows and thunder and lightning.


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