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National Poetry Day Activities

3rd October 2024

Encourage and inspire children to start producing their own creative writing with these National Poetry Day activities from Busy Things. We’ve got a range of exercises designed to help develop literacy skills and stimulate creativity. Kids can write their own poems and even draw some illustrations to go alongside them — perfect for making lively classroom displays!

Write a poem icon

Write a poem

Children can use our writing and paint tools to write a poem on any topic. A range of templates, photographs and Clip art are available.



Busy paint and publisher

Our Busy Paint and Publisher has a wealth of ready-made templates to get the children writing and creating fabulous art work. Use our easy-to-use text and paint tools to create great display work. 


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Creative writing gives your pupils the opportunity to express themselves, and these National Poetry Day activities will do just that! If you’d like to see Busy Things for Schools in action before you subscribe, why not sign up for our free trial? There’s no obligation to provide your payment details, and you’ll get access to all of our incredible resources for 28 days, including loads of English and literacy games. Fill in the form to begin.