Winter Activities for Schools: KS1 & KS2

December 2023 - March 2024

Here at Busy Things, we have a selection of winter activities for schools. Children can build a snowman, design snowflakes, and write about what happens during winter. There’s even a British weather map that they can use to create a weather forecast, learning about our winter climate in the process.

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Create a fantastic classroom display of snowmen!  Children can use a selection of snowballs to build a body and then add eyes, a nose and mouth, as well as a hat and scarf to finish him off.

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Children can easily use the paint and symmetry tools to make an amazing snowflake. Did you know that snowflakes have radial symmetry, meaning that they are symmetrical around their centres? 


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Write about winter

Children can choose from two different templates and answer the three questions to create a piece of topic work about the winter season.

They can create an image using our drawing tools or choose from the beautiful images in our photo bank.

NOTE: Busy Things also includes projects for the winter, summer and spring seasons.


Write about the weather icon


Write about the weather

Ask your children to write about a particular type of weather.

There are templates for nine different weather conditions, including; rain, snow, wind, hail, fog, rainbows, and thunder and lightning.





Weather maps around the world... Europe, Australia, UK

Children can create their own weather report using a range of weather symbols and also write some commentary.

We have a range of ready-made weather map templates for regions in the UK and across the world. 

Ordering - Seasons icon

Ordering - Seasons

Ask your children to label the segments of the circle with the seasons, clockwise in the correct order. Get them to notice and discuss that the seasons progress in a cycle. Ask them to think about what happens to the plants and trees as the seasons progress and how the length of the days change.


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