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Bring out the creative side of your kids with our art and music games! Busy Things for Families includes a whole host of fun activities that will encourage children aged 3–11 to develop their artistic skills.


Younger children will enjoy creating sounds and mark-making at the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen. Even the youngest of children can produce exciting results!


Our music games will teach older children how musical instruments sound and help them learn about musical notation. They can also create more detailed artwork and more complex sound compositions. All the subjects on offer have been suggested or checked by a panel of professional teachers and advisors, so they’re perfect if you want to support or build on the creative work your child is doing at school.


You can access Busy Things for Families on a computer, phone or tablet.

Art and music games for ages 3 to 5

Busy Things encourages young children to create art and music through experimentation. Choose from a large array of tools and allow a picture or sound composition to evolve in front of you. No experience is necessary — just click or touch and watch or hear what happens!


You can join in and take turns with your children to create compositions of colours, shapes or sounds, so it really is fun for the whole family!

Create a rhythm by bouncing characters at different heights, paint a symmetrical butterfly and create funny faces!

Art and music games for ages 5 to 7

Busy Things contains a wide range of art games for kids that will allow your little ones to create fabulous artworks. Whether they go for abstract patterns or detailed illustrations, it's easy to create wonderful images in Busy Things. There are also ready-made templates and clipart to help your children design a monster, superhero, a fashion item and lots more!


In the music area, vivid and engaging music games and activities will encourage your children to explore the world of sounds. They can experiment with rhythm, pitch and tempo, and even begin to compose simple tunes.

Design a superhero, create henna tattoos and label musical instruments!

Art and music games for ages 7 to 11

Your older children can use Busy Paint and Publisher to create artwork on a chosen topic. This is an easy-to-use art tool offering drawing tools, brushes, shapes, stamps, clip art, symmetry options and more.


In the music area, your children can begin to recognise the characteristic sounds of different musical instruments, develop their understanding of musical notation and appreciate the basic principles of composition. They can go on to create their own compositions.

Label sections of the orchestra, learn musical notation and create Rangoli patterns!

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