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Busy Things for Schools has a wealth of teaching resources for all subjects across the EYFS curriculum. All of our content is mapped to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework Characteristics of Effective Learning, and to the prime and specific areas of Learning and Development. So, whenever your pre-school children play our activities and games, you can be sure that what they’re doing is tied to a specific learning outcome from the Early Years curriculum.  

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Look out for our different types of activities!

Busy Things has an extensive selection of activity types to suit different kinds of learners and teaching scenarios.

Pupil-led activities

Interactive worksheets

Labelling, classifying and ordering activities covering a wide range of subjects across the curriculum. Mark your answers and try to beat previous scores!

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Teacher-led activities


Interactive presentations focusing on specific learning objectives. Teachers can play these as a slideshow or talk the class through them step by step.

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Our open-ended widgets make it easy to teach those difficult or dry topics at the front of the classroom. Excellent for provoking discussion and encouraging engagement.

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What teachers say about our Early Years activities…

Our EYFS curriculum resources aren’t just a great way to engage your pre-school students. Busy Things for Schools also comes with a huge range of Teacher features, all of which have been designed to make every aspect of your role — from planning to assessment — that much easier. Just see what our teacher subscribers have to say!

“I work with Foundation Stage 1 pupils and Busy Things is a fantastic resource to support our pupil's learning. It works well alongside the EYFS curriculum, supporting children in all areas of the curriculum by learning through play.”

Jeanette Hartley at Stanley Infant and Junior School

“We chose Busy Things as we wanted a programme that covered the EYFS curriculum and which the pupils could access at school and at home. We wanted to know that every activity that they went on was clearly tied to a learning outcome and was not just designed as an eye-catching gimmick.”

Heather Eriksen at Royston St John Baptist CE Primary