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With Busy Things for Schools, you’ll get access to a selection of exciting yet educational primary history resources that will help you bring the past to life in the classroom. We’ve got a variety of fun history activities that will help to teach your pupils more about significant historical events on a national and global level, including lots of fun games, worksheets, and writing projects about famous individuals and events.


Teaching primary history creatively can be a struggle, which is why we offer a range of interactive tools and activities that make teaching easier for you and fun for your pupils. Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children will love exploring the past and creating their own writing projects using our ready-made templates, clipart and photo banks. Our resources also include many interactive labelling activities, and even a Tudor clothing quiz!


All topics covered have been mapped to the Early Years and Primary curriculum. Plus, when you subscribe to Busy Things for Schools, you’ll also get access to hundreds of other resources and activities to support every subject, including geographyEnglish and phonicssciencemusic and art, and maths.


Teachers and pupils can access our primary history resources on a computer, laptop or tablet.

History games for Early Years

Within our 'Understanding the World' area, our Early Years history resources encourage your children to talk about themselves and their families, and to compare and appreciate the similarities and differences between themselves and other families, communities, and traditions throughout history.


For children at this stage in the curriculum, we have a range of fun drawing resources that will let them engage with history in a creative way. They can decorate Easter eggs, colour a Remembrance Day poppy, make an Aboriginal dot painting, decorate a lantern for Ramadan or one for Diwali, create Rangoli patterns, design a henna tattoo, and create a shield for a medieval knight!

Design a shield for a medieval knight, colour a poppy for Remembrance Day and label a pirate ship.

History resources for Key Stage 1

Our history resources for KS1 will help to develop an understanding of important events throughout history. Children can write about famous individuals and events from the past using our ready-made writing templates, clipart and photo banks to create and illustrate their projects.


Our Key Stage 1 history resource area also includes labelling activities you can use to assess and reinforce knowledge, many of which can also be printed as worksheets for use away from the screen.

Label Tudor clothing, write about Henry VIII and create a history timeline.

History activities for Key Stage 2

Our history activities for KS2 will broaden and develop your pupils' understanding and knowledge, and help to instil love of learning about past cultures and events. We have a whole host of writing templates, clipart and photo banks that children can use to create their own work on a range of curriculum-aligned historical topics, including Roman gods and goddesses, Roman settlements, childhood and food, the Tudors, Victorians, and World War 2.

History topics include the Romans, the Tudors and Henry VIII.

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