Spring activities for KS1, KS2 and Early Years

March – May 2024

Here at Busy Things for Schools, we have all sorts of educational and exciting spring activities that will enrich your lessons. We’ve got a range of labelling exercises, anagrams, worksheets and more, all on the topic of spring, nature and new life.

Spring activity pack icon

Spring activity pack

Our Spring Activity Pack PDF includes a signs of spring checklist to encourage children to get outside and explore. Eight anagrams of common flowers to solve, plus two spring themed colouring sheets.


Spring craft pack icon

Spring craft pack

Our Spring craft pack PDF contains 3 craft activities: make your own daisy chain, dress the sheep and make a spring-themed spring!



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Write about spring


Discuss spring considering such things as temperature, day length, what animals and plants are doing, weather, and human activities and festivals.

Choose a template and write about what you have discussed, use the drawing tools or import a photo to fill in the picture box(es).


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