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Busy Things hosts over 900 award-winning educational games and activities for children between the ages of 3 and 11. The language areas include over 60 French and Spanish vocabulary games. Our flashcards are prefect for playing a vocabulary memory game with your child. Topics include animals, body parts, classroom objects, colours, food and drink, months of the year and numbers.


These aren’t the only games for families we have to offer, either. There’s also a huge selection of activities to help your child develop their skills in other key areas, including geography, science, music and art, and maths games. All our games and activities are curriculum-linked.


Busy Things for Families can be used on a computer, laptop or tablet.

French and Spanish games for ages 5 to 11

Children will enjoy testing their knowledge with our extensive collection of vocabulary flash cards. Parents can reveal and play the words out loud to see if the children have remembered correctly. Our flashcards are customisable so parents can vary the theme, feedback and number of attempts the children can have. 

Vocabulary flashcards - excellent for memory games

Interactive worksheets are great for reinforcing knowledge

Children can have fun using our interactive labelling activities. Once all the labels are in the correct place children will receive a score they can try and beat the next time they play! Worksheets can also be printed out for use away from the screen.

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