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Looking for a primary resource that will give you more time to teach?

Busy Things for Schools has lots of teacher features, all of which have been designed to make your job easier! We offer a wide variety of educational activities and classroom tools for teachers to help you make your classroom a happy and rewarding place to be — for you as well as the children.

Our teacher features include options that allow you to customise our games and resources to suit you. You can use the site just as it is, or you can reshape it to fit in with the way you want your lessons to go. We use an expert team of teacher advisors to ensure that we're making content that is truly useful to you, and we listen to suggestions and comments from all teachers who are using Busy Things in their classrooms.


Meet our expert teacher advisors


Home access options mean you can set homework and encourage parents to become involved with their children’s learning.



It's easy: 5 steps and you’re away!


Our planning tools for teachers have been designed to make structuring lessons as straightforward as possible, so you can get on with what you love most — teaching.


  • Step 1: Log in and select a curriculum stage. We have resources to suit Early Years, Key Stage 1, and Key Stage 2.
  • Step 2: Open the year setup.
  • Step 3: Choose a subject. We have activities to suit every topic on the syllabus, including maths, English, phonics, geography, history, and more!
  • Step 4: Choose the field you are interested in. You’ll be able to choose from a range of different resources to support your teaching in the field you’ve chosen. All will have been automatically customised for the ability level of the children in your class.
  • Step 5: Start teaching!


If you want to keep any of the resources for later, you can store them in the Favourites area or pin them to the top of a subject menu.

Personalise educational content to meet the needs of YOUR classroom

You can customise our planning and classroom tools to suit the needs of your pupils by using ‘teacher mode’. This enables you to set up the site exactly as you want it: you can choose which activities and tools children can access at a particular time, set the level of difficulty, keep a record of what they've done, and save or print out their work.

We have made it as easy as we can for you to create customised resources and activities to match the abilities and meet the needs of individual pupils, all while keeping them fully engaged with what they are doing.

There’s even a nifty button to lock children into a specific area to ensure they keep focused on the job in hand!

"The key to Busy Things is that the children love it, the characters, sounds, humour etc that make the learning fun and engaging. The flexibility of the activities is really useful. I can use an autumn term phonics activity, then use the same activity but more advanced for the summer term."


Rebecca Johnson, Fernvale Primary School

Speed up your lesson planning with easy-to-find curriculum aligned content


We have plenty of planning tools for teachers that will save you precious time and let you just get on with teaching. You can use our powerful curriculum search tool to go straight to resources matching your learning objectives and save time constructing lesson plans.


The vast array of Busy Things content is fully mapped to curriculum learning objectives, with English, Scottish, and Australian versions currently available. You can switch the site from one curriculum to another with just a couple of clicks.


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Have fun with assignments!

Within the Assignments area, teachers can assign worksheets, topic work and quizzes for pupils to complete in class or at home. By viewing the results, teachers can quickly gain an understanding of how their class is progressing and review individual strengths and weaknesses.

Gather evidence of and create a record of children’s topic work

You can save and record children’s topic work for individual portfolios. Activity descriptions, screen shots and curriculum information can all be exported as a PDF.

Why not print out children's topic work to make a fantastic classroom display?

Teachers tell us they particularly appreciate these Busy Things high spots

Inspire your pupils with a variety of technology!

You can access our full range of resources across any device in your classroom, including interactive whiteboards, laptops, desktop computers and tablets – Busy Things for Schools works on them all!


This adaptability makes Busy Things ideal for a variety of teaching scenarios, such as individual learning, small group work or a full front-of-class lesson.

different types of learner

Spark engagement with all styles of learner

As every child learns differently and at their own pace, you will find a wide variety of classroom tools to challenge and advance knowledge and understanding in all types of learners.


From traditional structured games with a clear level progression to the more open-ended, experimental and thought-provoking activities with no right or wrong answers, there’s a resource for every learning style.


Learn more about our activity types

widgets and teaching tools

 Ready-made tools to introduce, demonstrate and revise topics

Our classroom tools for teachers also include a selection of ready-made resources you can use to introduce subjects, check children's understanding and spark a thought-provoking discussion — perfect for a lesson plenary.


Widgets: Demonstration tools for tricky concepts to invite discussion and encourage experimentation.


Demos: A bit like a video, with a touch of animation and humour to really bring a topic to life! Play controls allow you to stop, recap and get feedback.


Printables: Worksheets on many subject areas to print and reinforce learning away from the screen.


create custom phonics worksheets

Create custom phonics resources in a jiffy!

You can use our Resource Maker to create a wide variety of paper-based games and worksheets, from letter formation to captioning and much more! It comes with tips from one of our teacher advisers on how to implement these templates in the classroom. It’s especially useful for teaching phonics!


Plus 100s of PDF resources across the curriculum - just press print! 

the curriculum too, from colouring pages to worksheets and things to make. You can also access to an extensive library of clipart featuring our lovely characters to save, print and use as you wish! Fantastic for making classroom displays.


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