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Chinese New Year activities for kids

The Year of the Rabbit – 10th February 2024

Gong hei fat choi! Busy Things hosts a range of Chinese New Year activities for kids that are ideal for celebrating China's most important festival in your classroom. Children can create a fabulous firework display, design and colour dragons and lions, and learn all about the Chinese zodiac.

Chinese New Year fireworks icon

Chinese New Year fireworks

Chinese New Year celebrations last for 15 days. Fireworks are used to welcome in the new year and frighten evil away. Children can experiment with our paint tools to create their own fabulous Chinese firework display! 

Chinese dragons and lions icon

Chinese dragons and lions

Dancing dragons and lions are an important part of Chinese New Year and other celebrations! 

Colour a dragon or a lion in festival colours using our paint tools, colours and textures.

Chinese lanterns icon

Chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns are made of paper or silk with a candle inside. They are nearly always red to represent joy and good fortune. Children can choose from three different lanterns and use our Busy Things paint tools to decorate their design.

Chinese zodiac icon

Chinese zodiac

Find your Chinese zodiac sign and colour it in. The Chinese zodiac is known as the Shengxiao which means "birth likeness". Each Chinese New Year is represented by a different animal. 

Chinese zodiac colouring icon

Chinese zodiac colouring

This Chinese zodiac PDF contains a guide to which year corresponds to which animal and a colouring sheet for each animal of the Chinese zodiac.


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