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Busy Things contains a whole host of educational maths games for kids. Our activities engage children aged 3–11 and bring this often difficult and not always appealing subject to life!

Our number and counting games will help young children with number recognition, ordering, adding and subtracting in no time at all. Older children will be encouraged to count in multiples and take on multiplication, division and fractions.


An abundance of resources support other areas of the maths curriculum, including shape, symmetry, money, and teaching kids to tell the time. We’ve got maths games for every subject, so if your little ones need help with a certain topic, or they’re excelling and need a challenge, you’ll find plenty of fun activities here.


You can use our maths widgets to go through particularly tricky concepts with your children. Our quizzes will give you a quick picture of how they are progressing and help you to identify areas where they might be struggling.


All of our math games for kids are aligned with the national curriculum, and have been checked and approved by our expert team of teacher advisors, so you can be sure your little ones are learning key skills that will help them at school.


Busy Things for Families is easy to access on a computer, phone or tablet.


Maths games for ages 3 to 5

Busy Things offer a multitude of EYFS maths activities, including games that will help you teach pre-school children to count out loud, recognise one more and one less, and match numerals to groups of objects. We also have games that will teach them how to recognise shapes, create patterns and navigate through mazes.

Number games, shape games, maze games and more!

Maths games for ages 5 to 7

Using Busy Things will have your children recognising place value, ordering and rounding numbers up and down, as well as making calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Other activities at this level involve working with simple fractions, money, shapes and graphs.

Play with graphs, counting in multiples, shapes, fractions and more!

Maths games for ages 7 to 11

For older children, our quizzes will give you a quick picture of how your children are progressing and help you pinpoint the areas where they are experiencing difficulties.


You can use our maths widgets to work through more challenging concepts with them. Then use our educational maths games to help make practising fun!

More advanced topics include time, area, fractions and measure.

Use the Busy Box for quick-fire revision!

The Busy-Box area contains rapid-fire mini games that children play in quick succession to polish up their literacy and numeracy skills. There is a competitive edge to it: collect stars as you play and keep track of your total scores.


Busy Box is only available for children up to the age of six.

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