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 Holocaust Memorial Day KS2 Activities | Busy Things for Schools 

27th January 2024

Busy Things hosts a selection of Holocaust Memorial Day KS2 activities that will help you to teach this difficult subject. Our resources have been carefully designed to help KS2 children to understand the Holocaust and its wider context, including writing exercises about the Nazis, anti-Jewish laws and Anne Frank.

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The Holocaust

The leader of the Nazi party, Adolf Hitler, did not like Jewish people and created laws which stopped them from doing certain things.


Concentration camps were built and the Nazis sent Jewish people there to be killed. Many Jewish children were made orphans when their parents were sent away. 


Use our picture and text tools with prompts to help children write about the holocaust, concentration camps and Anti-Jewish laws.



What was World War 2? icon

What was World War 2?

The Second World War lasted between 1939 and 1945 and involved the vast majority of the world's most powerful nations.

The war was mainly against Nazi Germany who were invading other countries. It started when Germany invaded Poland. World War Two was the most deadly war in history.


Do you know what your great-grandparents did during World War 2? Use the picture and text tools to write about the Second World War.


What was World War 2? icon

Anne Frank diary resource

Anne Frank famously wrote a diary about her experiences of the war and her time in hiding during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. 


Do you keep a diary? Use the picture and text tools to write a diary entry like Anne Frank did.


Holocaust Memorial Day KS2 activities

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