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From June 2023, USO logins that have not been used with Busy Things before will no longer work. Don't worry! You still have access to Busy Things.

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Teach, laugh and learn with Busy Things!


Use our comprehensive collection of interactive games and activities, learning tools, and engaging primary school resources to help you breathe life into the curriculum! 


There’s an exciting resource to help you teach every subject, including English and literacy, phonics, maths, science, history, geography, art and music. From Early Years right through Key Stage 1 and 2, the children will be highly engaged and will, quite frankly, love you for it! You can see our games in action and learn more about how Busy Things works over on our videos page.


All of our primary school resources are mapped onto the National Curriculum, so you can be sure that they’re helping you achieve your learning objectives. You can even personalise your account to suit the Scottish and Australian curricula!


Our teachers tell us that they adore Busy Things for Schools. Give it a try with a free trial today, and you’ll soon see why!


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What makes Busy Things so great?

100s games to support core maths, literacy and phonics skills

100s of writing templates across a wide range of curriculum areas

Quick and effective curriculum search browser

Easy-to-use paint and publishing tools for creating topic work

Extensive clipart library and photo bank


Regular curriculum-linked updates - it's growing all the time!

Different resource types to suit all types of learner

Customise content to suit individual abilities

Favourites area for quick and easy access

Accessible on desktops, laptops, tablets and whiteboards

Technical support directly from our in-house developers

Lovingly made in the UK over the last 10 years by a small dedicated team that's still going strong!

What our teachers say about our incredible primary resources…

“Busy Things supports my lesson plans and lessons very well, there are clear activities and the resources are really useful. Children can access the activities easily and the variety shows how to apply skills learned in lessons independently. Children love the animations which keep them engaged.”

Helen Butler, Oasis Academy Parkwood

“The difference that Busy Things has made to our provision and children's learning is phenomenal. Its adaptability and ease of use for both teachers and children makes it a highly accessible and valuable resource.”

Sam O'Regan, Wheatfield Primary School

Pupils can access Busy Things at home too!

“Parents rave about it, and it has helped them to see how we teach and how they can help.”

Sam O'Regan, Wheatfield Primary School

“Pupils want to go on it and tell you about how they have shared the activities with their parents. Parents have also commented how it helps them to support their own children in that they know that they are accessing something that is pitched appropriately.”

Heather Eriksen, Royston St John Baptist Church of England Primary School

Schools have the option to add Home Access for all their pupils. Children can continue to learn at home, in line with their school work. They can view their work through the My Files area and continue an activity they have worked on at school or home, sharing it with their parents or teachers. 


All of our primary school resources are mapped onto the National Curriculum, so parents can be assured that the games and activities their children are enjoying through Busy Things are purposeful and targeted to develop their child’s knowledge and skills. 

Want to know more about Busy Things?

Ages 3 to 5

Early years children

Ages 5 to 7

Children aged 5 to 7

Ages 7 to 11

children aged 7 to 11

 Spark curiosity and enthusiasm!

Encourages children to be active and imaginative learners

Early Years

A vast range of both structured and open-ended activities to support play-based learning, encouraging exploration and curiosity in Early Years children. 


Learn more about our early years resources


Key Stage 1 & 2

For older children, we have several different kinds of resources, all designed to support more formal teaching programmes in a fun, creative way.


Learn more about or ressources for KS1 & KS2

 Engage pupils with the curriculum!

Linked to the early years and primary curricula

Our primary resources will help you bring a host of KS1 and KS2 subjects to life.

  • Strong support for early literacy and the stages of phonics programmes.
  • Help with counting, place value, number operations, fractions as well as money, measurement and shapes.
  • Create topic work in history and geography.
  • Vivid introductions to living things.
  • Encouraging creativity in art and music.


Learn more about our curriculum links

 Easily personalise learning!

Teacher tools to help make Busy Things work for you and your class

Busy Things is full of amazing teacher features we’ve designed to help save you time and lessen your workload.


Our curriculum search tool will take you directly to the activities and resources that support the topics you are planning to teach.


Set up by us to support teaching at each stage of early years and primary schooling, we have made it so that you can quickly personalise activities and resources for individual children or groups of pupils.


Learn more about our features for teachers

Busy Things is packed with different types of resources to support different ways of teaching and learning