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British Science Week activities

10th - 19th March 2023

Spark your pupils' curiosity about the world around them with these British Science Week activities from Busy Things. The theme this year is Connections, so we’ve hand-picked the science activities below, which focus on life cycles, systems within our bodies, habitats and ecosystems and the solar system.

Butterfly life cycle icon

Animal and plant life cycles

Draw in the stages of the different animals' and plants' life cycles, or choose from the photographs in our photo-bank. Write about the different stages of development.


Digestive system icon


Respiratory system icon


Circulatory system icon


Human skeleton - advanced icon 

The body’s systems 

Children can learn about and demonstrate knowledge of our bodies' different systems with our range of labelling activities.


Our worksheets include;


Digestive system

Circulatory system

Respiratory system

Human skeleton 









Tree World

Habitats and ecosystems

Children can learn about how animals and plants rely on each other to provide food and maintain the conditions they need to thrive.


We have quizzes, writing templates and our fantastic interactive game, Tree World!




Label the solar system icon

The Solar System

What do you know about the solar system and its planets and how they’re connected?


We have a number of solar system activities. Children can identify planets in our labelling activity, use our templates to write and create pictures about them, as well as be able to create their own presentations with our Clip art.



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