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British Science Week activities

Mar 5th–14th 2021

Inspire your pupils' curiosity about the world around them with these British Science Week activities from Busy Things. This 10-day event is a celebration of all things scientific, so take a look at the range of resources below to find science activities about life cycles, nature, human anatomy, and the solar system.

Minibeast identification icon

Minibeast identification

Demonstrate knowledge of minibeasts with our labelling activity.

Suitability of materials icon

Suitability of materials

Why are things made of the things they are made of? What properties of a material make it suitable for a particular application?


Use our widget to explore why shoes are made of leather, why cricket bats and cooking spoons are made of wood and why a hot water bottle is made of rubber.


Pick an object and a material to make it out of. Touch 'Go!' and see what happens!

Create a minibeast icon

Create a minibeast

Draw a picture of a minibeast. Experiment with different colours and textures. Add wings, legs, antennae and eyes!


Butterfly life cycle icon

Butterfly life cycle

Draw in the stages of a butterfly's life cycle, or choose from the photographs in our photo-bank. Write about the different stages of development.


Frog life cycle icon

Frog life cycle

Draw in the stages of a frogs's life cycle, or choose from the photographs in our photo-bank. Write about the different stages of development.



Common trees icon

Common trees

Acquire and demonstrate knowledge of tree species with our labelling worksheet.



Digestive system icon


Respiratory system icon


Circulatory system icon


Human skeleton - advanced icon 

The human anatomy

Children can learn about and demonstrate knowledge of human anatomy with our range of labelling activities.


Our worksheets include;


Digestive system

Circulatory system

Respiratory system

Human skeleton


And many more...






Functions of the teeth icon

Functions of the teeth

Use our labelling activity to learn about and demonstrate knowledge of teeth.



Mixed materials - 2 icon

Mixed materials

Demonstrate knowledge of what things are made of with our classifying worksheet.

Discuss why these objects are made of the materials used. Could other materials be used just as successfully?

Classes of vertebrates icon

Classes of vertebrates

Demonstrate and acquire knowledge of animal classifications with our categorising activities.

Simply drag the pictures into the category boxes. Each try will be marked for children to try to get a perfect score!


Label the solar system icon

The Solar System

What do you know about the solar system and the planets?


We have a number of solar system activities. Children can identify planets in our labelling activity and use our templates to write and create pictures about them.



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