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British Science Week activities

8th March - 17th March 2024

Spark your pupils' curiosity about the world around them with these activities from Busy Things this British Science Week. Following this year’s theme ‘Time’, we’ve hand-picked the activities below. The activities focus on telling the time, seasons, life cycles, other planets within the Solar System and recycling.

Screenshot of Busy Things' clock widget

Telling the time

Use ‘The clock’ widget to show pupils how the school day is structured around time, and teach them how the hands work together to help us work out what time it is.


Screenshot of the Time Quix for Year 3


Quiz your pupils about the number of hours in a day, days in a year and days in each month with the ‘Time quiz – Year 3’.


Use our writing projects for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to get the children thinking about the differences between the seasons.


Butterfly life cycle icon

Butterfly life cycle

Draw in the stages of a butterfly's life cycle or choose from the photographs in our photo-bank. Write about the different stages of development.







Screenshot from 'The gas giants' activity





How long is a year on each of the planets? Find out how long and why by using our ‘The rocky planets’ and ‘The gas giants’ writing projects.



Recyling poster activity screenshot



Some objects like plastic bottles take a huge amount of time to decompose. Plastic bottles, for instance, take 450 years, which is why recycling is so important.


Get your pupils to encourage others to actively recycle with our ‘Recycling’ poster and help them learn which items are covered.





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