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Busy Things contains a whole host of maths resources to engage your early years and primary children and bring this difficult and not always appealing subject to life!  More...


Our number games and activities will help get your early years children counting, ordering, adding and subtracting in no time at all. Older children will be encouraged to count in multiples and take on multiplication, division and fractions. 


An abundance of resources support other areas of the maths curriculum including shape, symmetry, money and time.


You can use our maths widgets to demonstrate particularly tricky concepts at the front of class. And our quizzes will give you a quick picture of how the children are progressing and where they are struggling.

Busy Things world early years
Busy Things world key stage 1
Busy Things world key stage 2

Use the Busy Box for quick-fire revision!

The Busy-Box area contains rapid-fire mini games that children can play in quick succession to collect stars and work together to get your school higher up the leaderboard.

Busy Box is  particularly good for practising acquired numeracy skills – perfect for Golden Time!


Busy Box is only available for children up to the age of six.

games for revising numeracy

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