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Bring your teaching to life with our exciting phonics activities. With Busy Things for Schools, you’ll get access to our fabulous collection of over 60 phonics resources comprehensively covering phases 1-5 of the main phonics schemes. So, you can be sure they will help you to meet your learning objectives.  

These aren’t the only educational resources for schools we have to offer, either. We also offer a huge selection of activities that will liven up every subject in the Early Years and Primary curricula, including literacy, geography, science, history, music and art, maths, and coding. All of our games and activities are curriculum-linked, and have been checked by our expert teacher advisors to make sure they’re ready for the classroom.


Busy Things’ phonics resources can be accessed a computer, laptop or tablet.

EYFS phonics activities

Our EYFS phonics activities include sound discrimination games that will teach EYFS children to listen for the subtle differences between sounds before they move onto learning letters and recognising the sounds they represent.


There’s also a selection of phonics activities to help pre-school children recognise differences in pitch, volume and tempo, as well as rhyming and alliteration in words. A further set of early years phonics resources help children to learn a wider range of language sounds and the letters, digraphs and trigraphs that commonly represent them.

Activities include flashcards, and playing with matching words and rhyming objects.

KS1 phonics games

During KS1, pupils progress from listening to everyday sounds to listening to letter sounds, known as phonemes. As they learn their letter sounds, they begin to recognise the letter (grapheme) that matches that sound (phoneme).


Once they’re familiar with some letters and the sounds they represent, they can move onto our Busy Things KS1 phonics resources, which help them to build simple words in a fun, engaging way.

Begin to build words from simple letters and their sounds.

Phonics activities for older children

As your pupils progress, they’ll begin to get to grips with trickier concepts, like homophones and compound words. Our phonics activities for older children will show them how different spellings of the same sound can create new words, for example 'tyre' and 'tire'.


For kids aged 7–9, we have a range of delightfully engaging games that will let them have fun with reading captions and building simple sentences.

Play with different spellings of the same sound. Have fun with compound words and homophones.


Use our phonics resource maker to print your own literacy and phonics games


Lesson planning is a breeze with our Resource Maker! This handy tool lets teachers quickly create custom phonics worksheets and letters and sounds games for use away from the screen. This latest version includes a save feature so you can keep your carefully crafted worksheets safe for future use. 


Your creations can be saved as PDFs in colour or outline, making printing quick, easy and cost-efficient. Words, pictures and clipart can be hand-picked according your chosen graphemes.


There are now seven types of worksheet you can create:

  • Make your own grapheme flashcards using cursive, precursive or print letter formation
  • Print or export images in colour or outline, with or without words
  • Create a matching pictures to words game
  • Create letter formation worksheets (cursive, pre-cursive or print)
  • Create real and nonsense word coins
  • Create missing letter worksheets
  • Print images with captions or for captioning.

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If you like the sound of this, you might also want to check out our selection of educational apps, all of which can be accessed on tablets. Looking for some educational games to play at home? You’ll love our phonics games, which you can access through Busy Things for Families!

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