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Busy Things for Schools is an online educational resource with over 900 expertly designed, award-winning games and activities that EYFS and primary children will love. But don’t just take our word for it — with a Busy Things free trial for schools, you can try many of our resources for 28 days at absolutely no cost! 


We have all sorts of engaging activities and teaching resources that will help you bring tricky or dull subjects to life, including maths, English, phonics, geography, history, and more — in fact, there’s a game to suit every subject in the National Curriculum. You can monitor your pupils' activities, progress and projects, and there are all sorts of teacher features that will make planning, teaching and assessment as easy as ABC!


There’s no obligation to subscribe or provide any payment details, and it’s quick to register. Just fill out the form to start discovering Busy Things for Schools games for free today.

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With a Busy Things free trial, you’ll get access to all sorts of resources and games completely free for 28 days. Just fill out this form or give us a call!


If you’re looking for more classroom resources that your pupils will love, you might also be interested in our educational apps, all of which are aligned to the curriculum.


If your school has not used Busy Things before simply register for a free trial now. In the event of school closures pupils will be able to use their login to access Busy Things at home during school hours. Teachers will be able to access Busy Things for planning purposes, 24 hours a day.


Trialled Busy Things before? Don't worry.

We have reset all accounts so even if your school has had a free trial prior to the school closures you can activate another month of free access. Simply login with your previous details and follow the instructions.

Any problems email us or call 01332 36463. We are here to help!



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