Autumn KS1 & KS2 Activities for Primary School Children

September - November 2024

Welcome the new season with these Autumn KS1 and KS2 activities for primary school children. At Busy Things, you’ll find exercises and activities that ask children to observe the changing seasons and produce creative work on the subject of autumn. Encourages children to engage with nature while also developing literacy skills.

Write about autumn icon

Write about autumn

Children can choose from two different templates and answer the three questions to create a piece of topic work about the autumn season. Children can create an image using our drawing tools or choose from the beautiful images in our photo bank.

NOTE: Busy Things also includes projects for the winter, summer and spring seasons.

Ordering - Seasons icon

Ordering - Seasons

Ask your children to label the segments of the circle with the seasons, clockwise in the correct order. Get them to notice and discuss that the seasons progress in a cycle. Ask them to think about what happens to the plants and trees as the seasons progress and how the length of the days change.

Weather maps: British Isles icon

Weather maps: British Isles

Children can choose part or all of the British Isles from our ready-made templates in this weather forecast project! There is a range of weather symbols for them to drag into place and an area to type their forecast descriptions!

Write about the weather icon

Write about the weather

Ask your children to write about a particular type of weather. There are templates for nine different waether conditions, including; rain, snow, wind, hail, fog, rainbows and thunder and lightning.


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