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World Oceans Day activities

8th June 2024

Take your lessons under the sea with these World Oceans Day activities from Busy Things. Our engaging resources will teach children all about the important role that the ocean plays in the wider ecosystem of our planet, and help them to understand the importance of protecting and conserving it.

Continents and oceans icon

Continents and oceans

Increase and demonstrate locational knowledge of the world with this labelling activity.

Key points:

  • The list and number of continents can vary because the meaning of 'continent' varies.
  • Europe and Asia are joined and are sometimes referred to as 'Eurasia'.
  • Africa is connected to Eurasia and together they are called 'Afro-Eurasia'.
  • North and South America are sometimes combined into one 'America'.
  • There are various names for the south-eastern continent with slightly different definitions and usage: Australia, Oceania, and Australasia. 'Zealandia' has been proposed as an additional continent!


Sea creatures icon

Sea creatures

Make a sea creature. Choose from a fish, shark, octopus, mermaid and many more! Experiment with the different colours, textures and patterns. Give your sea creature some eyes to finish off!

Key points:

  • Which kind of sea creature did you choose?
  • What else might you find at the bottom of the sea?
  • How many sea creatures can you name?



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