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 1000+ educational activities and games to engage your children at home


Busy Things for Families supports your children's learning at home, engaging them with exciting educational games that will enhance their knowledge and understanding.


All learning activities are designed to help you support children aged between 3 and 11, promoting the development of key skills in line with the school curriculum for their age group. There’s an educational game to suit every subject, including English, maths, geography, science, music and art, climate changecoding and many more.


Busy Things for Families can be accessed on computer, laptop or tablet.


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What learning games and activities does Busy Things have?

Here are just a few examples of the exciting kids’ learning games and fun activities that Busy Things has to offer:

Miner birds fractions

(Ages 7 to 11)


Be the first to collect 20 worms by practising fractions.

Dog and Cat's gameshow

(Ages 5 to 9)


Practise early reading skills by playing a game show.

Feed the


(Ages 3 to 7)


Count out the food for brown monkey and watch him eat it!

Design a minibeast

(Ages 3 to 7)


Create weird and wonderful minibeasts. Save and print them out.

Label the continents!

(Ages 5 to 11)


Can you name the largest world's continents and oceans?



Write About the Weather

(Ages 7 to 11)


Use our art and type tools to create colourful work about different weather conditions.


Educational games to inspire and encourage

We believe that children learn best through laughter and play, and our learning games will encourage your child to develop key skills, all while having fun. Your children will feel a real sense of achievement when they succeed and will often be rewarded with fun animations to cheer them along.


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What sort of educational activities are there?


Fun, engaging and instructive games. Our games support open-ended creative play as well as more structured learning with progressive difficulty levels. Our games are award winning, fun and educational activities. 

Paint projects

chinese dragon colouring

Writing projects 

write about mount vesuvius


fractions quiz

Interactive worksheets

write about mount vesuvius


pictogram image


paint box


money widget


learning about the clock

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If you’re looking for more educational games and tools to support your children’s learning and development, you might want to take a look at our selection of educational apps.

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