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Give your classroom teaching a new lease of life with Busy Things for Schools!  We’ve got an exciting selection of KS1 resources for a range of core subjects, including maths, English, phonics, and many more.


Our fun activities have been designed to help you teach challenging subjects in an engaging way. Looking for tools to help you teach core literacy and numeracy objectives? Our maths resources for KS1 will make teaching counting and sums a breeze, while our KS1 English resources are perfect for teaching children the foundations of reading, writing, and spelling. There’s even a range of KS1 phonics resources, designed to help develop your pupils' phonological awareness. And that’s not all: you’ll also get access to all sorts of fantastic time-saving teacher features, designed to make your job that much easier. 


All of Busy Things’ school games and activities are mapped onto the Key Stage 1 English National Curriculum learning objectives, so you can be sure that what you’re covering is in the syllabus. There’s even a selection of games for the Scottish and Australian curricula!


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Busy Things also includes activities supporting these other areas

Design technology

Religious education

Cooking and nutrition


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Busy Things has many different resource types to suit every kind of learner, as and both teacher-led and pupil-initiated activities.

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We’re certain that both you and your pupils will love Busy Things, including KS1 resources for maths, English, phonics and many more. But don’t just take our word for it: sign up for a free trial now! You’ll get to try out all sorts of fun games and activities completely free of charge for 28 days, and there’s no obligation to purchase. See for yourself just why teachers all over the UK are raving about Busy Things for Schools!


We don’t just offer resources for children at KS1. We also offer more advanced KS2 resources for older pupils, as well as fun educational games for Early Years kids.

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