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Key Stages 1 and 2 may be the start of more formal learning and assessment, but we make sure it stays fun for both you and the children!

All of our KS1 and KS2 games have been designed to help you teach core subjects like English and phonics, maths, geography, science, music and art, history, French and Spanish, and even coding . All activities are aligned to the National Curriculum in England, Scotland, Wales and Australia, and have been checked by our team of expert teacher advisors, so every game will help you to teach a key learning outcome.


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Busy Things is a FABULOUS and TIME SAVING tool! It is brilliant for having groups on computers and also using during teaching input, supporting our lessons. It supports our pupils learning brilliantly as it is adaptable to child's needs. The National Curriculum and that of Foundation stage, are well supported and covered.

Victoria Alliston  River Primary School


All content is fully mapped to the National Curriculum 

Planning a lesson for a specific learning objective? No problem!

You will quickly find content mapped to the National Curriculum Core and Foundation subject objectives using our brilliant Curriculum Finder tool. We also have loads more helpful planning resources in our Teacher Features area!


 Not in England?

No problem! Busy Things KS1 and KS2 games can easily be adapted to suit Primary schools worldwide. Busy Things is also available in the Scottish and Australian curricula, too.



Why do our school subscribers love using Busy Things at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2? Here are just some of the highlights...



Have fun with assignments!

Within the Assignments area, teachers can assign worksheets, topic work and quizzes for pupils to complete in class or at home. By viewing the results teachers can quickly gain an understanding of how their class is progressing as well as review individual strengths and weaknesses!



Bring fun into developing core knowledge, understanding and skills

Our KS1 and KS2 games cover a wide range of subjects, and many of them also draw on core reading, writing and numeracy skills. Using Busy Things will help develop these skills and build confidence, acting as a springboard from which to broaden and deepen learning in general.


Tons of themed activities to support context learning all in one place!

If you employ context learning to engage pupils' interest and deepen their knowledge and understanding, you'll love Busy Things!

You'll find lots of activities to support seasonal, topical and historical themes across the curriculum, including Ramadan, Spring, and the Victorians, to name just a few.


We're always open to suggestions for new topics, so please contact us with your requests!


Help ALL your pupils' to reach their full potential

As children learn in different ways and at different rates. To meet the needs of every child, we have developed a spread of KS2 and KS1 games to challenge and advance knowledge and understanding in all types of learners.


Our resources range from traditional games with a clear level progression to the more open-ended, experimental and thought-provoking activities with no clear-cut right or wrong outcomes.


Settings within activities can be customised to support pupils' individual needs and abilities, helping you to deliver differentiated learning that recognises the unique child.



Tons of tools and features to help YOU!

Busy Things offer plenty of features designed to help make your planning and reviewing easier. You can customise settings at the touch of a button, and a powerful curriculum search tool make it easy to find the right KS1 and KS2 resources. Animated demos make difficult concepts easy to teach and explain to the whole class.

Learn more in the Teacher features section.


Cross platform teaching, learning, sharing and monitoring 

You can access Busy Things anywhere in classroom...

Interactive white boards: Ideal for front of class group sessions, encouraging group work, class discussions, and strengthening listening and speaking skills.

Desktop and laptop computers: By using a computer, children get a chance to develop early mouse and keyboard skills, improving co-ordination and control.

Tablets: Perfect for children to play and explore independently, in a safe and controlled way.

And finally, probably most importantly... children really do LOVE Busy Things!


Busy Things is built with the needs of pre-school children in mind, meaning we create content that will hold their attention and which they’ll absolutely love to play!

We believe that children learn best through play and laughter, which is why we fill our resources with bright colours, funny sounds and entertaining animations. Your children will have so much fun that they don’t even realise they're learning!


“Children absolutely love it, as do us teachers. I cannot stress enough the positive impact Busy Things has had.”


Sam O'Regan, Wheatfield Primary School