Halloween Games and Activities for Schools

31st October 2024

Celebrate all things spooky and scary this October with our chilling selection of Halloween games! At Busy Things, we have all sorts of educational interactive games and teaching resources that will engage little ones on the scariest day of the year. Browse our Halloween activities below to find spooky fun for your classroom!

Halloween wicked witches icon

Halloween wicked witches

Create your own wicked witch. Colour in the silhouette and add some spooky stickers to finish off!

Key points:

  • What magical powers does you witch have?
  • Some witches are good witches, but some are bad. What stories can you think of with witches in?


Design a monster icon

Design a monster

Draw a picture of a monster. Experiment with different colours and textures. Add eyes a nose and a mouth to finish off!

Key points:

  • What does your monster look like?
  • Is he scary or gentle?
  • What does he like to eat?
  • Where does he live?


Jack O' Lanterns icon

Jack O' Lanterns

Select from the different vegetables and use the tools to carve out a scary face.

Key points:

  • The first Jack O'Lanterns were made in Ireland and were carved from turnips, potatoes or beetroots. Which vegetable did you choose?
  • People used to make Jack O'Lanterns at Halloween and put them outside to frighten away spooky spirits. Today we use them to invite children to 'trick or treat' at our houses!


Recipe sheet - Monster banana cupcakes icon

Recipe sheet - Monster banana cupcakes

Make your own Monster banana cupcakes by following this simple recipe.

This recipe sheet will guide you through the processes of preparing and baking your own food.

You must wash your hands before cooking and always ask an adult to help you!


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