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National Handwriting Day activities 

23rd January 2024

Discover National Handwriting Day activities here at Busy Things. We host a range of games and activities that are ideal for developing and practising handwriting skills, including alphabet tracing games and cursive worksheets. Or, you can use our Resource Maker to create your own letter formation sheets.

Busy Things Resource maker

Create your own customised letter formation worksheets using our Resource maker tool. Select the letters you want to practise and choose between cursive and precursive letter styles. 

Alphabet tracing

This activity reinforces letter recognition and supports letter writing. Choose the letter you want to copy and watch it being drawn. Copy the letter on the screen. Great for touchscreens, whiteboards and tablets.

Messy letters

Choose a letter to practise. Watch Dog form the letter then use Cat to trace over the letter correctly. This activity is best suited to young children when used on a whiteboard, tablet or touchscreen.

Write now!

Listen to the letter sound. Draw the letter as quickly as you can on the left hand screen. Try to complete the letter before Dog draws his. Compare your letter with Dog’s to see how well you did.

Alphabet tracing: cursive worksheets

Trace over the dotted lines to form the letters of the alphabet in a cursive style.


Alphabet tracing: precursive worksheets

Trace over the dotted lines to form the letters of the alphabet in a precursive style.



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