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Busy Things for Families is packed full of educational reading, literacy and English games that will engage children aged 3 to 11 and bring writing, spelling and grammar to life!


Our early years programme begins with activities to help develop pre-phonics listening skills in younger children and moves on to exploring more complex spelling structures. You can even use our resource maker to create paper-based English games that support writing, word recognition and spelling skills. If you’re looking for something to help your kids learn to read, then our fun phonics games will be ideal for your family.


Older children will love using our Busy Publisher tool to write and illustrate their school subject work. With over 100 ready-made templates and an extensive clipart library, our writing projects cover a broad range of subjects mapped on to the school curriculum — many of them suggested to us by teaching professionals. There’s also a brilliant selection of printable resources you can use to help your kids with English.


These aren’t the only educational games for kids we have to offer, either. There’s also a huge selection of activities to help your children develop their skills in other key areas, including geographyhistorysciencemusic and artcoding, and maths games.


Busy Things for Families can be accessed at home on a computer, laptop or tablet.


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English and Phonics games for Ages 3 to 5

Our sound discrimination English games help very young children learn to listen for the subtle differences between sounds, in preparation for learning how to recognise letters.


The games include listening for differences in pitch, volume and tempo, as well as differentiating between environmental and instrumental sounds, and listening for rhyming and alliteration in words.

Identify objects that rhyme. Use our Busy Publisher tool to write about and illustrate everyday topics.

English and Phonics games for Ages 5 to 7

At this level, our reading games begin by helping children move on to alternative ways to pronounce and spell the sounds they have learnt so far. 


The activities help them take the next steps and assemble sounds and letters into words. Literacy games teach them to create picture captions and string words into full sentences.

English activities include spelling games, caption games and writing projects.

English and Phonics games for Ages 7 to 11

Our more advanced literacy games help children to practise reading and spelling, as well as tricky grammar and punctuation rules. 


A whole set of demos, labelling and categorising activities will help you go through the rules of grammar and punctuation that many children struggle to understand. Our more advanced reading and writing games will help them to produce longer sentences and stories.

Activities include grammar quizzes and homophone and compound word games.


Develop writing skills with our literacy games 

Our literacy games and writing projects cover a wide range of popular school topics across the whole curriculum. Children can use our ready-made templates, clipart and photographs to create fabulous topic work that’s relevant to the subjects they’re learning at school.


You'll find lots of reading and writing games and activities to support seasonal, topical and historical themes, including spring, Ramadan, and the Victorians, to name just a few — there are hundreds of writing topics to choose from!



Use our phonics resource maker to print your own literacy and phonics games

A Busy Things subscription gives you access to a powerful tool to make your own paper-based literacy and reading games you can use to help develop key skills.

  • Practise forming letters
  • Make your own flashcards
  • Sort real words from nonsense words
  • Fill in the missing letter
  • Match pictures to words
  • Attach captions to pictures
  • Create your own games with our bank of images, both with and without words

Use the Busy Box for quick-fire revision!

The Busy Box area contains rapid-fire mini numeracy and literacy games that children can play in quick succession to polish up their skills. Children can play against one another and get competitive: collect stars as you play and see who comes out on top!


Busy Box is only available for children between 3 and 6 years old.

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