Literacy and Language games

Busy Things is packed full of educational literacy games and resources resources to engage your children and bring even phonics and grammar to life!

Our phonics programme begins with activities to help develop pre-phonics listening skills and advances to exploring more complex spelling structures.

You can use our phonics resource maker to create paper-based games that support writing, word recognition and spelling skills. More...


Your older children will enjoy using our Busy Publisher tool to write and illustrate their school topic work. With over a 100 ready-made templates and an extensive clipart library our writing projects cover a broad range of topics from across the curriculum – many of them suggested to us by teachers or parents.


If you are confused about phonics our Help facility outlines the stages of a typical phonics programme and gives short definitions of the terms used.


Busy Things world early years
Busy Things world Key Stage 1
Busy Things world Key Stage 2


Develop literacy skills with our writing projects! 

Our writing projects cover a wide range of popular school topics across the whole curriculum. Children can use our ready-made templates, clipart and photographs to create fabulous topic work. You'll find lots of activities to support seasonal, topical and historical themes such as Spring, Ramadan, and The Victorians - there are literally hundreds more! 


Busy Things writing project templates


Use our Phonics resource maker to print out your own word games!

A Busy Things subscription gives you access to a powerful tool to make your own paper-based phonics games.

printable phonics resources and worksheets
  • Practice forming letters
  • Sort real from nonsense words
  • Fill in the missing letter
  • Match pictures to words
  • Attach captions to pictures
  • Enormous bank of images with or without words

Use the Busy Box for quick-fire revision!

The Busy-Box area contains rapid-fire mini games that children play in quick succession to polish up their literacy and numeracy skills. There is a competitive edge to it: collect stars as you play and see who is coming out on top.


Busy Box is only available for children in Early Years and Key Stage 1.

games for revising phonics and literacy

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