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Computer Science Week Activities

5th - 11th December 2024

Budding web developers and coders will love our Computer Science Week activities! At Busy Things, we have an extensive selection of computing games that will allow children to create, run, and debug their own basic computer programs. Plus, as these games feature our hilarious cast of silly characters, your pupils are sure to laugh while they learn.



Busy Code - Code Disco

Our Code Disco tutorials introduce programming concepts step by step from the basic principles through to loops, conditionals, events and variables.


Children can try out their new problem-solving skills by helping Beard Man to learn a dance routine, avoid puddles and collect stars!


To help you make coding fun and easy to teach, Busy Code is supported by an online and printable guide.


Busy Code - Beard Man Adventures

Beard Man Adventures includes an extensive explorer themed set of resources to help children (or teachers) learn to code - each new concept is introduced with a fun tutorial and then you can get stuck into a set of adventures!


Each adventure consists of directing Beard Man through a series of chambers, solving a puzzle to open a treasure chest, and then escaping a final chamber before the gate closes - from 'The Lava Palaver' to 'Raider of the Lost Bark' these are really fun games that make coding fun, interesting and easy to learn!


There are 3 tutorials and 9 adventures of 5 levels, each getting progressively harder as new concepts are introduced.


Helicopter rescue icon

Helicopter rescue

A fun game to introduce the principle of commands, logic and sequence of events for early learners.


Use arrow buttons to control a helicopter and direct it to collect and carry cows to their matching baths. Further levels introduce a monster that needs caging before you can transport the cows.


Busy Things games are full of humour, quirky characters and funny noises. Children love this game, it is a perfect example of learning through play!

Path peril icon

Path peril

A great game to introduce children to very simple programming, develop logical reasoning skills and understanding of direction and position.


Help the chicken to collect shapes in the order displayed by programming a path for the chicken to follow. Remember to watch out for the traps in later levels!


This game is about play and exploration by trial and error. Children are rewarded with fun animations and quirky sounds whichever route they choose.

Internet safety resource pack icon

Internet safety resource pack

Our online safety PDF includes a poster for your classroom and a selection of activities and worksheets to prompt thought and discussion around the issue of online safety.


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