World Book Day activities

7th March 2024

Help your children fall in love with reading with these World Book Day activities! In this exciting and engaging range of games for primary children, you’ll find games and resources that will ask pupils to write about their favourite books, design their own cover illustrations, and review books they’ve read.

My favourite storytime book icon

My favourite storytime book

Write about your favourite story. It might be a bedtime story or a book from storytime at school! Draw a picture to help describe the story.


My favourite book icon

My favourite book

Write about your favourite book using our text tools. Draw a picture with our paint tools to help describe the story.

Story summary icon

Story summary

Can you describe a story you have read in 6 events? This is a great exercise in reducing a narrative to its bare bones.

Book review icon

Book review

Write a review of a book you have read recently. Use our paint tools to draw a picture to help illustrate the plot.

Design a book jacket icon

Design a book jacket

Come up with a cover illustration and a blurb for a book you have read. Create an image that will help readers relate to the story and entice them to open the book. Think about how you can give a flavour of the story without giving too much away.



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