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Help your children to LOVE learning! 

Improve their confidence and excel in their education, with fun and laughter!

Busy Things includes 100s of fun educational games and activities to reinforce and practise what they're learning at school, through play! 


One subscription covers

ALL subjects AND ALL children in your household!

For ages 3-11.


To claim your £1 month use code: LOVEBUSYTHINGS


Encourage Pre-school & Early Years Learning

 Ages 3-5


* Phonics games

* Maths games and number fun

* Build confidence

* Develop curiosity

* Creative games and much MUCH more!

Making Learning Fun in Key Stage 1

Ages 5-7


* Maths games & quizzes

* Phonics, word games and writing challenges

* Science and coding activities

* Creative games & much MUCH more!

Activities to support ALL Primary curriculum subjects.

Support Key Stage 2 Learning at Home

Ages 7-11


* Maths games & quizzes

* English games and writing challenges

* Science and coding activities

* Art and design activities & much MUCH more!

Activities to support ALL Primary curriculum subjects.

 Want to improve your child's confidence in maths, literacy, art, coding... or any area of the curriculum?

Busy Things for Families is a great way to engage children at home and reinforce what they are learning from school.


You can access 100s of educational games, activities and teaching resources across English, maths, geography, science, music and artcoding and many more


Our activities cover the whole curriculum and span every school year from reception to year 6 - ages 3-11 - AND you only need one subscription to cover the whole family



1st Month

ONLY £1!


Automatic renewal. Cancel anytime.  

Subsequent months 

ONLY £4.49!  


OFFER ENDS 31st March


 Your Busy Things includes:

* 100s of FUN games & activities

* ALL curriculum subjects incl. English, Maths, Art & Coding!

* Personalised profiles for up to 5 children

*Activities to support ages 3-11 


To claim your £1 month use code: LOVEBUSYTHINGS


Parents love Busy Things too!

Busy Things includes a range of parent tools to give you the option to customise, supervise and support your child’s progress.


* Adjustable settings to tailor to individual abilities

* A curriculum browser to find content for specific areas of learning

* Lots of printable resources - ready-made & customise your own!


Forget You Tube zombies! Busy Things encourages engaged and active minds - we make screen time count!


Developed with the help of teachers and used in 1,000s of schools in the UK and around the world; parents can rest assured their children are having fun but they're working to curriculum objectives too.

What our parents say...


"Busy Things has transformed the way I educate my daughter at home. She is a visual learner and Busy Things captures her imagination in a way, no other educational site has. I’m able to follow up her learning by using the colourful resources which keeps her actively engaged with the task. Most of all, it is a fun and engaging, she’s always excited to play her ‘monster games’ and my daughter doesn’t even realise that she is learning. I would highly recommend families to trial it, they won’t regret it!"


Mandie Lal, parent


"I think Busy Things is great value and a fantastic addition to my 3-year-old daughters learning.  She loves the games and regularly asks to play them.  Her favourites' are feeding the monkey and painting the dinosaur.  For me, I enjoy knowing she is learning specific things whilst playing."


Craig Simpson, parent

"I purchased Busy Things to improve the numeracy and literacy skills of my three children.  Miner birds helped my children with their mental maths and supports their learning at home very well including supplementing their homework."


Zainab Bashir, parent


Don't miss out, offer end 31st March!

  To claim your £1 month use code: LOVEBUSYTHINGS  


How does Busy Things engage children with learning?

Busy Things is packed full of highly engaging content that children love – funny characters, wacky animations and weird sounds!


We offer 100s of fun games to help kids learn through play across a wide range of subjects and development areas.

Take your pick from quick-fire games against the clock, puzzles, labelling activities, quizzes, creative tools, printable resources and many more. There is something in Busy Things for every type of learner.

The settings for all activities can be adjusted to suit each child's ability level.


Learn more about our range of games and activities.

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