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  • games targeting core maths, literacy and phonics skills
  • creative activities working with colours, shapes and sounds
  • Busy Code - a whole suite of activities and guides for teaching children how to code
  • different types of activities for all types of learner
  • printable resources for use away from the screen
  • a custom phonics and maths worksheet maker
  • curriculum-links and activity search
  • pupil timelines - see what your pupils have been doing
  • send assignments and collate results
  • play on desktop computers, laptops and tablets

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What is Busy Things?

Busy Things is an online educational resource with over 1000 expertly designed, award-winning games and activities that EYFS and primary children will love. But don’t just take our word for it — with a Busy Things free trial, you can try all of our resources at absolutely no cost! 


We have all sorts of engaging activities and teaching resources that will help bring subjects to life, including maths, English, phonics, geography, history, and more — in fact, there’s a game to suit every subject in the National Curriculum. Busy Things also include search tools, customisation and activity settings, plus loads more features to help you use it effectively and efficiently.


There’s no obligation to subscribe or provide any payment details, and it’s quick to register. Just fill out the form to start discovering Busy Things for free today.


 How do I play?

Register for a free trial above and then log in at busythings.co.uk/play on a computer, laptop or tablet. You will have instant access to everything! Some games can even be played on larger phones when you are out and about.