140 Busy Things reward stickers

Calling all Teachers and Parents – If busythings wasn’t already making learning fun enough, your favourite busythings characters are now available to order in sticker form!


Using our most popular characters, busythings stickers are glossy, bright and colourful and will help make learning fun!


Reward stickers are a fantastic way to boost motivation and provide a great incentive for children to become enthusiastic about learning!


Use our fun educational reward stickers to recognise children’s hard work and encourage good behaviour – never under-estimate the power of a sticker!


Perfect for use in the classroom, nursery, kids club or at home.


NEW!! Our packs now contain reward stickers specifically for Maths and Literacy achievements so you can show your Maths Pro of Phonics Wizard just how well they are doing!


Each pack of reward stickers contains: 14 character designs, 2 sheets of circular stickers, 70 x 25mm stickers per sheet.

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