Why am I not getting emails from Busy Things:


If you are not receiving emails from us there are a couple of things you can do...

Check your Busy Things email preferences
Check we are in your Safe Sender List
Ask your IT team to add us to your Company Whitelist

Have you changed your email preferences?


At some point you may have chosen to unsubscribe from our emails. To check whether this is the case, sign in to manage your account here:




Have a look at the Contact Details tab. You can use the Email Preferences section to choose which types of emails you will receive.  If you have added other email addresses to your account, these will be listed in the Other Contacts section.

Has the email gone into your Spam/Junk folder?

Sometimes email filters mistakenly move legitimate messages into your spam/junk folder. If this is the case, to help prevent this from happening in the future you can add us to your safe senders list.


Add us to your safe senders list


Most email clients provide a safe sender list for trusted contacts There are a few ways of adding Busy Things to your list:

  1. To mark a received campaign as Not Spam/Junk. Open spam/junk folder, click on the email message, and then click Not Spam/Junk.
  • To add our email address to the address book. Open the message and click the Add to contacts button, usually next to the From email address.
  • Manually add our email addresses to your address book, you may receive email from:

rachel@busythings.co.uk – Rachel is our Managing Director, she may get in touch to let you know about exciting announcements or just to check all is well.

judi@busythings.co.uk – Judi is our Office Manager, you may receive emails from her with account reminders and invoice information.

sally@busythings.co.uk – Sally is our Marketing Manager, she will let you know about any new content updates, offers or competitions.

duncan@busythings.co.uk - Duncan is one of our Programmers, he is your go to for any technical queries.


Check your blocked and safe senders list


Within your email client there will be an area where you can view your safe and blocked senders list. If Busy Things appears in your blocked senders, move them into your safe list.

Do you need your IT team to add us to your Company Whitelist?

If you cannot find our emails in your Spam/Junk folder, the next step is to ask your IT team to add Busy Things to your Company Whitelist.


Certain email domains tend to have more aggressive firewalls and spam filters than others and these can sometimes block our emails getting to you.


How to add us to your Whitelist


To improve delivery with whitelisting, your IT professional will need to change the configuration of the receiving email server to accept mail from Busy Things delivery IP address.


The Busy Things IP address is:


Please provide this IP addess to your IT team and ask them to whitelist Busy Things severs on your domain. This will hopefully prevent any further deliverability issues.