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Help your children to LOVE learning! 

Reinforce what they're learning at school and improve their confidence, through play!

Busy Things includes 100s of fun educational games and activities covering the full primary curriculum - English, maths, art, geography, coding and many many more!


Developed with teachers and trusted by 1,000s of schools; parents can rest assured their children are having lots of fun AND working to curriculum objectives too.


One subscription covers

ALL curriculum subjects AND up to 5 children!

For ages 3-11. Each child has their own profile filled with customised content.


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Encourage Pre-school & Early Years Learning

 Ages 3-5


* Phonics games

* Maths games and number fun

* Build confidence

* Develop curiosity

* Creative games and much MUCH more!

Activities to support ALL early years subjects


Making Learning Fun in Key Stage 1

Ages 5-7


* Maths games & quizzes

* Phonics, word games and writing challenges

* Science and coding activities

* Creative games & much MUCH more!

Activities to support ALL Primary curriculum subjects


Support Key Stage 2 Learning at Home

Ages 7-11


* Maths games & quizzes

* English games and writing challenges

* Science and coding activities

* Art and design activities & much MUCH more!

Activities to support ALL Primary curriculum subjects


25% OFF 

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Includes 1000+ educational games & activities

AND personalised content for up to 5 children!



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What our parents say...

Busy Things for families FAQs

What is Busy Things?

Busy Things for Families is a multi-award-winning collection of FUN educational games and activities to help kids learn between the ages of 3 and 11.


Full of quirky characters, interesting sound effects, animations and humour - our aim is for children to be having so much fun, they won't even realise that they're learning!


We support subjects across the whole primary curriculum! Including phonics, English, maths, science, geography, history, art, climate change, coding & much more.


How does Busy Things help to support learning at home?

Playing Busy Things can help children to practice, reinforce and develop the skills that they are learning at nursery or primary school.

Whilst children think they are just playing; they’ll actually be improving their math skills, their reading and their problem-solving skills. They’ll be developing curiosity, increasing their concentration and getting a big confidence boost... they’ll be learning to love learning!

Our activities are all directly linked to the early years and primary curriculum so you can be confident that they are working towards their curriculum objectives whilst they are playing.


Is Busy Things Teacher approved?

Well, this is a recent teacher testimonial… “My children absolutely love it!... It covers all subject areas, so you know you don’t need anything else to cover the curriculum safely and in a brilliantly entertaining way.” Andrea Farrel, Birdham CE Primary School


All of our activities have all been created with the help of teacher advisors, to ensure that they meet curriculum objectives.


Busy Things is currently being used in 1000s of schools worldwide to help deliver their early years and primary curriculum.


Can Busy Things help with my child’s homework?

Yes! Busy Things includes a great variety of resources. Whether they’ve been asked to practise their multiplication or write about a Roman Soldier, you will more than likely find something on Busy Things to help! Use the handy search function to see what’s available.


(If you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us. If we can’t find something suitable, we’ll add it to the to-do list!)


Do I need a separate subscription for each of my children?

No! A Busy Things for families subscription includes up to 5 children per household.


Each child has their own profile filled with content relevant to their age. You can customise these to suit each child's individual abilities and learning preferences.


My child is struggling with a subject, will Busy Things help? 

Yes! If your child is struggling with a particular subject or skill Busy Things can help to build their confidence. You can use our activities to help them to practice and develop their skills.


Busy Things includes many parental controls. To help improve in a certain area you could, for example:

  • Change the settings across the board or on individual games – if they’re struggling you can reduce the level to give them a confidence boost.
  • You can hide activities or whole areas of Busy Things to encourage children to focus on certain skills.
  • You can search by each curriculum objective to find the activities on Busy Things that match.


My child is excelling and in need a challenge, can Busy Things help?

Yes! If your child is excelling in a particular subject area or skill Busy Things can help to challenge them further.


Busy Things includes many parental controls. To challenge them further you could, for example:

  • Change the settings across the board or on individual games – you can increase the level to give them a challenge.
  • You can hide activities or whole areas of Busy Things to encourage children to focus further on certain skills.
  • Try pushing their profile up an age bracket to find more advanced activities.


Isn’t screen-time bad for children?

We believe that depends on what’s on the screen!


As with everything in life, moderation is the key. A few minutes here and there spent playing engaging, educational games? That sounds like a productive guilt-free use of screen-time to us!


Are there any adverts or additional costs involved?

Absolutely not. Busy Things is a safe environment for children there are no adverts, no extra purchase options, just fun educational games and activities!


What devices are compatible with Busy Things?

Busy Things is designed to be played on nice big screens for full enjoyment – on tablets, computers or whiteboards. Minimum specs here.


There are some games that will work on a phone screen but we recommend playing on larger screens where possible.


How much does a subscription cost?

A Busy Things family subscription is just £4.49 a month! This includes individualised content for up to 5 children. The monthly subscription renews automatically but it’s very easy to cancel at any time.


We also offer a yearly subscription option which is £34.99 for a whole year!


How do I cancel my subscription?

If you opt for a yearly subscription there is no need to cancel, your subscription will not auto-renew.


If you have a monthly subscription, it is very easy to cancel. Simply log in to your account and click to cancel. You can resubscribe at any time.


Why should I choose Busy Things to support learning at home?

  • We believe children learn better through play and with laughter!
  • We make the best quality educational activities and we have the awards to prove it!
  • The sheer volume of variety on offer in Busy Things is incredible value!
  • We cover ALL the primary subjects in one place, so you only need one subscription
  • Busy Things makes homework a breeze – just have a search on Busy Things when you get your next homework assignment!
  • We can support children from the start of their learning journey to the end of primary school.
  • Most importantly, children LOVE to play and learn with Busy Things! 

We could go on and on… please do take a free trial and see for yourself!


Hurry, offer ends Sunday 15th October! 


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