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Access to quality online resources has been invaluable during the coronavirus lockdown. Busy Things has hundreds of maths, literacy and phonics activities to help your pupils catch up after many months off school.

Our latest features - shown in the Advanced Overview,  have been designed with remote learning and the possibility of a second lockdown in mind. You don’t have to use these new features but if you do it will enable you to see how your pupils are progressing both at home and at school.


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Covid-19 Support for Primary Schools

Busy Things provides effective online teaching both in school and for remote learning.


1000+ award-winning games & activities  | All subject areas | Personalised 'class' just for your pupils | Pupil timelines | Assign content | Send feedback 


Learn how to teach online with Busy Things - both in school and at home.


Beginners Overview 

By Sue



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Advanced Overview 

By Rachel



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What our teachers say about our zoom tutorials..

Thank you so much for giving a great clear training in the Busythings on Zoom today  - in the Half Term holiday! It was an excellent thing to start our busy lessons with great interactivity motivating the diverse pupils !

Appreciate your timely support and co-operation.

Anwar Faruqh 

Thank you so much for your informative demonstration. There’s a lot for us to explore further to extend our use. We do use Google Classroom with our Y1 and Y2 students and will certainly use the short cuts regularly. I am excited to use the mobile version with my SEN students as well as the class setups. Thanks again for your time. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you notice that we could further extend our use or if we can pilot/share best practice in the future.

Kindest regards, Katie Cornes

Supporting you to teach effectively online

 Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 teachers;

 Access to 100s of engaging games, activities and teaching resources across many subjects including; mathsEnglishphonicsgeographyhistorycoding and many more! We hope we can help you in bringing fun and laughter into learning during these uncertain and stressful times. 


Resources covering early years and primary (ages 3-11) across the whole curriculum.

Track your pupils progress

100s games to support core maths, literacy and phonics skills

Demos and widgets - interactive animated videos and demonstration tools, perfect for screen sharing lessons.

Busy Code - Incredibly fun coding activities and tutorials, complete with user-guide

65 fun maths quizzes for KS1 and KS2

Tablet friendly! - no flash plugin required!

100s of writing templates across a wide range of curriculum areas

Send feedback and comment on pupils work

Wide ranging activites - open-ended creative play as well as more structured learning with progressive difficulty levels

Curriculum search tool to easily find the resources you need

Access to a safe online learning environment, free from advertising

To get the full Busy Things school experience - including assignments and ability to create PDF resources there is also a Free 28 Day Trial available.

What our teachers say about Busy Things..

“Busy Things supports my lesson plans and lessons very well, there are clear activities and the resources are really useful. Children can access the activities easily and the variety shows how to apply skills learned in lessons independently. Children love the animations which keep them engaged.”

Helen Butler, Oasis Academy Parkwood

“The difference that Busy Things has made to our provision and children's learning is phenomenal. It's adaptability and ease of use for both teachers and children makes it a highly accessible and valuable resource.”

Sam O'Regan, Wheatfield Primary School

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