Key Stage 2 History: Teaching about the Romans

Key Stage 2 History: Teaching about the Romans

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The Romans were a fascinating civilisation that lasted for nearly 400 years, and quite rightly feature within the Key Stage 2 history curriculum. Within Busy Things, we’ve some incredibly comprehensive and well-researched activities to help your pupils learn about the time and the impact it has had on Britain today.

Discover how the Roman army expanded the Empire and what life was like before and during Roman rule through our interactive labelling and writing activities.

What did the Romans ever do for us? Read on, check out the activities with your class and all will become clear!

Where to start

British history timeline activity screenshot

A sensible starting point would be our British history A.D. timeline. It will help the children understand just how long ago the Romans governed Britain and where the Romans fit in alongside the other periods of history.

Finding it tricky? Don’t worry! The auto-complete button is there to help.

The Roman army

Fighting and acquiring more land was vitally important to the Romans when they first landed in Britain, but with their strong, organised army, they systematically gained land from the Celtic tribes starting from the south. 

Romans vs Celts activity screenshot

Children can learn about the two armies by using our Roman and Celtic warfare writing projects.

How did they differ?
Why do we know so much more about the Roman army than the Celts?

As with most of our activities, full guidance is included, giving you all the facts you need instantly!

Life in Roman Times

From there, you can look at what life was like in a Roman settlement. There are so many things that the Romans introduced to Britain. From the structure of their houses, towns and roads, to temples, language and money. Even the Roman numerals used on buildings, clocks and at the end of TV programmes!

Roman life activity screenshot

Our Roman life activity will help you explore these in greater depth.

Again, guidance and key vocabulary is included to support the children’s learning. Easily exportable, teachers can use this for their lesson planning.

How did that differ to before? There are several activities you can use to compare and contrast life before and after the Roman invasion, such as:
• Romans and Celts
• Roman and Celtic culture

Their beliefs

Another important part of Roman life were their beliefs.

Roman gods and goddesses activity screenshot

The Romans believed in many gods and goddesses and if the gods were unhappy, the people feared that terrible things would happen.

Find out what each god looked like and what each god ruled over, by using our Roman gods and goddesses writing activity.

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The selection here includes just some of the activities we have about the Romans, so we’d fully recommend delving deeper if history resources are what you’re searching for!

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