Easter Activities for Children – FREE Easter Egg Hunt Printable

Easter Activities for Children – FREE Easter Egg Hunt Printable

Easter Activities for Children - FREE Easter Egg Hunt Printable from Busy Things

Introducing our ready-made free Easter Egg Hunt Printable! Say goodbye to chocolate overload and hello to our non-chocolate Easter egg hunt that’s easy to set up and fun for the whole family.

Read on for some egg hunt variations ideas, our top tips for a successful Easter egg hunt and of course, to download your free egg hunt printable – complete with a variety of Easter egg templates and an Easter basket template for decorating.

Ever wondered, why do we have Easter Egg Hunts?

The tradition of Easter eggs originates from ancient springtime celebrations where eggs symbolized new life, fertility, and rebirth.

The Easter egg hunt has evolved from a German tradition dating back to the 17th century. The Easter Bunny, or the Easter Hare as he was originally known, would reward children who had been good with a basket of brightly painted eggs. Over time, this evolved into the beloved Easter tradition that we enjoy today, providing families with a fun way to celebrate Easter!

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What’s included in your Free Easter Egg Hunt printable?

Within our ready-made Easter egg hunt you will find a variety of Easter egg templates in different sizes and designs and also an Easter basket template for collecting your eggs.

Busy Things FREE Easter Egg Hunt Printable Pages

How to set up your Easter egg hunt:

  1. Download the free Egg Hunt printable PDF below
  2. Print out the desired number of egg templates (for sturdier eggs print onto card or glue paper on to cardboard).
  3. Cut out the Easter basket and eggs and let the children get creative!
  4. Construct your Easter basket
  5. Hide the eggs around your home, garden, or chosen Easter egg hunt location.
  6. Let the Easter egg hunt begin!

Easter egg hunt variations:

To add a bit more egg-citement to your Easter celebration, here’s a few Easter egg hunt ideas…

Use an egg hunt scoring system: Assign each egg a score, tot up the scores to find the winner. You could score the eggs randomly or the larger eggs in your pack could have a higher score. Or perhaps you could give each pattern a different score.

Use the Easter eggs to symbolise other prizes: For instance the larger eggs or the different patterns could be swapped for different prizes. A Busy Things Gift Certificate would make a fabulous non-chocolate Easter gift idea!

Leave the biggest egg ‘til last: If each child is assigned a different patterned egg, they would need to find all their eggs before they can lift the biggest egg, to symbolise the winner.

Add secret messages to your egg hunt: You could add letters to the back of each egg, children can then arrange them into a secret message once they have collected all the eggs. You could make it into a game where the first child to collect all their patterned eggs and arrange their secret word is the winner.

What other egg hunt variations can you think of? Please let us know in the comments.

Top tips for a successful Easter egg hunt:

Here’s a few practical tips to make your Easter egg hunt egg-tremely easy:

  • Set clear boundaries or limits for the egg hunt area, so children know where they can and can’t go.
  • Consider the ages and abilities of the participating children when hiding eggs.
  • Keep track of the number of eggs hidden to ensure they are all found.
  • Consider assigning each child a specific colour or type of egg to find, to prevent disputes.

How to access your free Easter Egg Hunt Printable:

Download your free Easter Egg Hunt Printable PDF and get ready for an egg-stravaganza of fun! NB: Dependent on the size of your hunt, you might need to print some pages more than once…

More free Easter fun:

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We hope you enjoy using our free Easter Egg Hunt Printable! Please let us know what you think in the comments…

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