4 Targeted Seasonal Activities To Help You Teach About Spring

4 Targeted Seasonal Activities To Help You Teach About Spring

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With Easter now over and the clocks changed for British Summer Time, spring has most definitely sprung. The weather doesn’t seem to have caught on yet, but hopefully you’re seeing a few daffodils, some buds on the trees and perhaps a few sightings of lambs in the fields to confirm that this is the case.

Here at Busy Things, we’ve some fantastic educational content to help you explore spring with your younger pupils. In this blog, we look at four activities, which focus on:

  1. Spring as a season
  2. The characteristics of spring
  3. Signs of spring
  4. New chicks – the life cycle of the chicken

1. Spring as a season

Ordering - Seasons activity screenshot

Our ‘Ordering – Seasons’ interactive worksheet asks pupils to put the seasons in the right order.

It provides a great opportunity to discuss what spring is like. Think March winds, April showers and then generally better temperatures.

2. The characteristics of spring

Write about spring activity screenshot

Our writing template is a great tool to help your pupils explore spring and the great thing about it is, is that what they focus on is really up to them.

Few children will independently notice the changing trees and plants surrounding them. But they may like to talk about new arrivals at the farm or just being able to get outdoors a bit more.

Play it here free!

3. Signs of spring

Screenshot of our Signs of spring pdf

Despite not coming naturally to some, it is good to encourage your pupils to look more closely at the nature around them. And our Spring activities pdf will help them do just that.

It includes a signs of spring bingo sheet for pupils to use in their gardens, parks, open spaces and/or local farm parks.

How many of the 16 objects will they be able to spot?

4. New chicks – the life cycle of a chicken

If your pupils have headed down to the farm park, they will undoubtedly have seen newly hatched chicken or newborn lambs.

If they saw chicks, they may well have seen eggs and chicks at different stages of development, which will lead nicely into learning more about their life cycles.

How often do hens lay eggs?
Why are there more chicks in spring?

Play the ‘Chicken life cycle’ activity here free!


We hope this blog has helped you see how you could use some of Busy Things’ targeted educational activities relating to spring.

As part of the blog, we’ve included several activities which you can play for free. These are the ‘Write about spring’ writing project, the ‘Spring activities pdf’ and the ‘Chicken life cycle’ writing project. To play them, just click on the relevant link!

Want to see more activities?

If you’d like to see more of our activities, we’d love you to take out a free 28-day trial with us! Simply click here for this. You’re more than welcome to have a virtual tour via Zoom too. If you’d like one, contact us here and we’ll get in touch!

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