Summer Holiday Scrapbook – FREE Template

Summer Holiday Scrapbook – FREE Template

summer holiday scrapbook free templates

A summer holiday scrapbook is a lovely memento of the summer holidays and a great activity to keep those brain cells active!

Summer holiday scrapbooking: Perfect for keeping brains active over the holidays!

Avoid summer learning loss with Busy Things

A summer holiday scrapbook is the perfect way to keep children’s creative and literacy skills alive whilst capturing memories of your summer adventures!

It’s probably a little optimistic to create a scrapbook page for every day of the holidays, you don’t want it to feel like a chore, but it is a lovely idea for capturing some of your favourite holiday events.

We have developed a free summer holiday scrapbook template to get you started!…

Step 1. Create a front cover… 

Busy Things summer holiday scrapbook front cover

Our template provides two options to flex your child’s creative skills!

They can either colour in our Busy Things monkey or your budding artist at home can draw their own masterpiece on the blank template.

Step 2. Choose a ‘my holiday day’ template…

Busy Things summer holiday scrapbook my day template pages

Depending on your child’s preference or ability, there are a couple of options:

One is more drawing based with less room for text – perfect for younger children.

The other template gives the opportunity for writing a few short sentences.

Busy Things summer holiday scrapbook template page

Another option is to use the plain cover page to go freestyle! The possibilities are endless, it’s time to get creative…

Create a picture with some of the sticks you’ve collected on a walk or paint a picture of the amazing ice cream you ate! 

Perhaps write a short description or story about the place that you’ve been to.


Busy Things summer holiday scrapbook bonus content

As an extra bonus, you’ll also find a few scavenger hunts in the pack! Along with a checklist of ideas for fun things to do in the holidays, we’ve left some space for you to add some of your own too!

Step 3. Let the fun & creativity commence!

Simply click the button below to access your free summer holiday scrapbook PDF, print it out and start scrapbooking…

More summer holiday activity ideas…

busythings free travel activity pack
Look at our free Busy Things travel activity pack – we’ve designed it to keep children entertained when you’re travelling but it can be used at home too!
Ideas to keep brains active over the summer

We’d love to see your summer holiday scrapbook pages! Please send us your photos or let us know your suggestions for scrapbook entries in the comments below…

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