Halloween Activities for Children – FREE Printable Halloween Activity Pack

Halloween Activities for Children – FREE Printable Halloween Activity Pack

Halloween Activities for Children - free

Free Halloween activities for children – ghoulish games, creepy crafts, petrifying puzzles and much more!

FREE Halloween Pack Full of Spooky Fun!

We’ve put together a spooktacular pack of Halloween activities for children to help make your Halloween even more fangtastic!

From Halloween puzzles to pumpkin decorations, colouring sheets, ghoulish games, creepy crafts and a spooky hunt there’s something for kids of all ages!I

If you’re planning a Halloween celebration, do look at our Halloween Family Party Ideas blog! AND head to Busy Things for lots of learning games and activities full of Halloween fun too!

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Halloween or All Hallows Eve is celebrated on 31st October. Its origins are a combination of an ancient Celtic festival at the end of the Harvest season – when people would wear costumes and light bonfires to ward off ghosts – and a Roman Christian festival that celebrated the passing of the dead.

These days we celebrate with trick or treating, pumpkin carving, scary decorations and wearing creepy costumes! The Metro have an interesting article on where trick or treating came from and why we carve pumpkins.

We all know that kids (big and small) love Halloween and where there’s a theme, there’s a way of making learning fun! So, we hope our free Halloween activities for children will help to make your Halloween at home a haunting success!

What’s in the Free Halloween Activity Pack?

Looking for some Halloween activities for children? Look no further than our FREE pack full of Halloween things to make and do that children will love!….

Halloween activity cube and finger puppets

Ghoulish game cube – Can you crawl like a cat? Or rattle like a skeleton? Roll the dice and get moving!

Or use the creepy cube to make up a scary story! Take turns to roll the dice and add a new line to your treacherous tale…

Spooky puppets – Our Busy Things characters have dressed up for you to put on a scary puppet show!

Halloween hunt, number grid and creepy crafts

Halloween hunt – How many spooky sights can you find in your house or neighbourhood? You could even use it as a tick-list of Halloween things to make!

Creepy crafts! – a recipe for super slime and instructions to make a lovely wreath for your front door.

Colour by numbers – What is hidden in the grid? All will be revealed!

Halloween puzzles

Petrifying puzzles – Lots of Halloween themed brain teasers for your little problem solvers to enjoy!

Bone-breakers – Can you crack the code to find a secret message?

Monstrous maths – Spiders and eyeballs make maths so much more fun!

Halloween pumpkin activities

Pumpkin garlands – deck your haunted halls with perilous pumpkins this Halloween!

Pumpkin faces – design spooky pumpkin faces – you could use them to plan out what you’re going to carve on your real pumpkins!

How to access your FREE Halloween Activities for Children…

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We hope you will enjoy our free Halloween activities for children! We’d love to hear your feedback, please leave a comment below…

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  1. I love Busythings, I joined a few months ago and it keeps my two daughters (8 and 9) entertained for ages! So many fun , original games and lots of very educational ones too. I’ve used alot of the history and English exercises recently because my daughter was learning about The Roman’s. Brilliant!

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