Space Activities for Children – FREE Printable Space Activity Pack

Space Activities for Children – FREE Printable Space Activity Pack

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… BLAST OFF! This way to lots of fun-packed Free Space activities for children – colouring, crafting, puzzling, baking and much more!

FREE Space Fun is rocketing your way!

Space is such an exciting subject for children, they can really let their imaginations run wild! So we made it our mission to create a stellar Free Space Activity Pack!

Space puzzles, space colouring sheets, planet ordering, spaceship making and lots more! There’s something for kids of all ages in our free space activity sheets!

Celebrating Space!

There are a couple of events each year to celebrate space and space exploration so do look out for events near you and check out our blog Space themed activity ideas blog for more ways to help children explore this theme.

The space celebrations are all about encouraging people to learn more about space and space exploration and to celebrate all of the incredible achievements that have been made in this area.

They are also about celebrating STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and inspiring our young generations to pursue careers in these areas – especially Space!

World Space Week is celebrated each year in October 4th-10th to commemorate the launch of the first human-made Earth satellite, Sputnik 1, opening the way for space exploration.

National Space Day is celebrated on the first Friday in May every year.

If you have a budding astronaut at home, we hope our free space activities for children will help to inspire them even more! Keep scrolling to claim your free space themed printables…

What’s in the Free Space Activity Pack?

Looking for some Space activities for children? Look no further than our FREE pack full of Spaces themed things to make and do that children will love!….

Example art space activities

Paint by space-numbers – Colour the Busy Things lunar landing by solving maths problems.

Know your planets – Colour and name the main objects of the Solar System.

Constellation dot-to-dot – Star constellations Busy Things style – you probably won’t see these in the sky!

Puzzle and maze activities about Space.

Moon Maze – Guide the alien to his space ship.

Space wordsearch – expand space vocabulary by finding words forwards, backwards, up, down and diagonally!

Meteoric Puzzles – A few little space themed puzzles to get those brain cells working.

How to build a rocket and Bake some Space cookies.

Build a rocket – Grab a loo roll and our cut out shapes to create a spaceship ready for lift-off!

Moon and asteroid cookies – Tried and tested, these space cookies are delicious! Baking is great for developing lots of skills too including maths.

Read and write about Space for ages 7 to 11

Planet match – Our solar system is amazing – fact! Match up with planet with their corresponding facts.

New planet fact file – you have found a new planet on your space travels! Astronauts always create logs of their findings, use your imagination and writing skills to tell us all about it.

How to access your FREE Space Activities for Children?

Can’t wait to launch in to the space-themed fun? Simply click on the button below, download and print out your PDF…

More Space Themed Activities…

If your little astronaut is looking for even more space fun, please check out our blog Space Themed Activities – Ideas to really make their Space-Day!

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You can access this Space Activity Pack within Busy Things along with lots more space activities – Build your space vocabulary, design a spaceship, create planet fact files and test your planet knowledge! Then flex your reading and grammar skills with our Toys in Space book extract and supporting activities!

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We hope you will enjoy our free space activities for children! We’d love to hear your feedback, please leave a comment below…

This blog has been revised and updated for September 2023.

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  1. Thank you very much for the free printable. My son is 4 and he’s currently obsessed with solar system and everything space.

  2. This is great thank you for this free download my daughter will love this. My daughter uses busy things through school and she loves to play, and doesn’t even realise she is learning at the same time

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