Growing with British Science Week

Growing with British Science Week

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British Science Week is a 10-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. This year, it takes place between 11th and 20th March.

The theme for 2022 is ‘growth’, and to help you cover the topic, we’ve collated some of our most relevant science activities, along with some fun ones to get your youngest pupils involved too.

You’ll find lots of lesson ideas on the British Science Week webpage too.

1. Getting bigger in size

At its very simplest, growing means increasing in size, so that’s been our focus when selecting games for Early Years pupils. Increasing the size of different features, adding more people to the crew, and building up the choir to make music. All great fun!

Body boggle – This game allows your pupils to practise using common slider controls. You can grow or reduce the size of the characters’ ears, legs, eyes, even leg hair! It’s great fun and you’ll undoubtedly get some strange creatures from it!

Line up – By playing this activity, you will grow the household but it’s primarily about sequencing. You’ll need to look at the pattern created at the base to know what the next member of the family should look like!

High and low – This activity looks at how sound is built up. You can drag the Noisy Things up and down to change their pitch. You can also add more voices to create a choir.

2. Life cycles

Think growth, and life cycles immediately spring to mind. We’ve some fantastic writing projects based on the life cycles of plants, butterflies, chickens and frogs. Ask your pupils to choose a template, write about the different stages, then add photos from our Photo Bank to really bring the process to life!

Activity exploring the life cycle of a frog
Life cycle of a frog

3. Plants

Expanding on the plant life cycle above, The gardener activity looks at what is needed for a plant to grow. You’ll need to keep watering and keep the bugs away.

4. Habitats and ecosystems

Having the right conditions in your particular habitat or ecosystem is essential for growth. And when several creatures share the same space, a balance needs to be achieved to maintain those conditions. The following activities are great for exploring this:

Eco worm world – This game is set in a worm tank, where the worms’ health and happiness are affected by their environment. Players need to keep the water clean and aerated, and the worms fed, exercised and given medication if they fall ill.

Habitats and ecosystems – This comprehension quiz focuses on ecosystems, ecosystems under threat and restoring ecosystems. Pupils need to read the text and choose from the answers given.

Tree World activity exploring climate change

Tree World – This interactive game looks at climate change and creating a planet, that balances Beeples’ (people), animals’ and plants’ needs so that they can all co-exist and thrive.

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