FREE Resources for King Charles’ Coronation

FREE Resources for King Charles’ Coronation

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With King Charles’ coronation coming up soon, we know you’ll be looking for ways to celebrate the occasion with your pupils.

With that in mind, we’ve been working hard to create some coronation-themed activities to help you teach about the King’s life and prepare for the occasion. Following on from the Royal transport activity we released earlier this month, we’re now able to unveil more coronation-themed activities.

We have:

  1. Online activities for King Charles’ coronation
  2. King Charles’ Coronation topical pack for schools

Read on to find out more!

1. Online activities for King Charles’ coronation

Log in to Busy Things today and you’ll find the following coronation-themed activities. Some will help you teach your pupils about the King and his life. Others will help you prepare for coronation parties.

The activities include:

The family of King Charles III (right) Label the King’s family tree.

Try it here!

Create a portrait of King Charles III
Create an image of the King using a guide, without a guide, by transforming a photograph into a painting or by colouring in the template

Play it here!

Colour a picture of Kng Charles III

Colour a picture of King Charles III (left)
Colour a picture of His Majesty

Click here to play it!

Royal Line Up
Play the red, white and blue version of this popular game!

Play it now!

bunting for coronation day

Postcard from London
Imagine you are in London for the coronation. What would you see, hear and feel as part of the crowd?

Try it here!

Coronation bunting to colour
Print and finish off your own celebration bunting

Coronation placemats to colour
Make your own tea party placemats

Coronation bunting – ready to print
Print your own celebration bunting

If you’re already a subscriber or trialist, simply type in ’Coronation’ to find the activities when you log in. If you’ve not got a login, why not take a 28-day free trial and see what there is? Just click here and we can set it up.

2. King Charles’ Coronation topical pack for schools

In addition to the new activities above, we have our King Charles’ Coronation topical pack for schools.
This includes:

  • Fact sheets about the coronation celebrations and the King’s life
  • An offline activity focusing on the King’s family tree
  • A cut-and-paste activity for children to make a means of transport fit for a King
  • A red, white and blue offline sequencing activity
  • Bunting and placemats to colour and/or print and laminate ready for a Coronation Big Lunch or coronation party

The topical pack is free to download, whether you’re a subscriber currently trialing Busy Things or completely new to us. You just need to provide your details below.

We’d love to know what you think of our coronation activities as it will help us understand what to create in the future. Let us know in the comments area below.

Wishing you all a wonderful coronation from everyone here at Busythings!

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