Early Years Science Resources

Early Years Science Resources

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Our science resources for Early Years children offer a solid starting point to help young, curious minds understand how the world around them works. Designed specifically for 3-5-year-olds, the activities offer a gentle introduction to science, helping the youngsters understand the plants and animals they share the world with and develop the basic observation and communication skills they’ll hone as they learn more.

In this blog, we’ve cherry picked one science activity for each of the three key themes below:

  1. Plants and seasons
  2. The wildlife around us
  3. Observational skills

In each case, we’ve made the activity we’ve selected free to play so you can play it yourself and see how the children in your setting respond to it.

1. Plants and seasons

The gardner activity

The gardener is a great activity for teaching children about plants and what they need to grow.

It starts with simple watering but gains in complexity as it progresses, exploring the impact of external factors, such as the rain, birds and insects.

Play The gardener here!

2. The wildlife around us

Lion Animal colouring activity

Busy Things has a whole host of animal-based colouring sheets, so no matter whether your pupils prefer creatures from the sea or jungle animals, we have something that will appeal.

Will they opt for true-to-life colours though, or simply choose their favourites? Will the eyes go on the animals’ faces or elsewhere?
The choice is theirs!

Click here to play Animals in the jungle!

3. Observational skills

Odd One Out activity

Observational skills are key to scientific study and there’s no better place to begin honing those skills than with our Odd one out activity.

Can your pupils spot the character that is different to the rest of the group? Click the correct one and one more character will appear in the next line up!

It sounds easy, but some of the groups are trickier than you would think!


These activities are just a subset of the Early Years activities Busy Things offers and an even smaller part of Busy Things’ science activities.

We hope they have given you a taste of what there is, but we would love for you to see more. We have free trials available for nurseries and schools, so why not sign up for one today? There really is no obligation to subscribe, and we don’t need any credit card details.

Want to know more about what Busy Things offers for Early Years? Find out more from our website.

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