What to write in a teacher thank you card for a primary school teacher in the UK…

What to write in a teacher thank you card for a primary school teacher in the UK…

As the school year comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to show appreciation to the teachers who have played a significant role in our children’s lives. A heartfelt teacher thank-you card can be a wonderful way for children to express their gratitude.

But it’s the end of term and there’s just so much to do! So, if your mind has just gone blank we have some ideas and prompts of what children can write in their teacher thank you cards.

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Ideas for a teacher thank you card front cover:

Let’s start with the front of the card. Here’s a few ideas to help inspire your child’s creativity…

  • A drawing of them and their teacher
  • A drawing of their favourite memory of the year
  • A nice or funny photo of them
  • Decorated bubble writing of ‘Best Teacher Ever’
  • Decorated bubble writing of ‘Thank you’
  • Hand-drawn flowers and the message “Thank you for helping us bloom!”

Teacher thank you card wording ideas:

If you’re struggling to know what to write in your teacher thank you cards here’s a collection of prompts and wording examples to help guide your children or you could use an inspiring teacher quote

What do you think makes your teacher the BEST teacher?

Here are some sentence starters:

  • You are an amazing teacher because…
  • You are my favourite teacher because…
  • You are always…
  • I will always remember you…

Here are some best teacher wording examples:

  • …you make learning fun and exciting!
  • …you inspire us to be our best
  • …you have a special way of explaining things that makes everything clear
  • …you always listen and understand us
  • …you are always patient and kind.

What would you like to say thank you to your teacher for?

Here are some sentence starters:

  • Thank you for…
  • Thank you for being…
  • Thank you for helping me to…
  • Thank you for teaching me…
  • It meant a lot to me when…

Here are some teacher thank you wording examples:  

  • …for making learning fun!
  • …for believing in me
  • …for helping me to understand XYZ!
  • …for making me love coming to school!
  • …for being the most amazing teacher
  • …for encouraging me to try XYZ, I love it!
  • …for being patient and understanding
  • …for being kind
  • …for helping me grow and believe in myself

What are your favourite memories of this year?

Here are some sentence starters:

  • My top 3 favourite memories of this year…
  • My favourite memory this year…
  • The best memory I have of this year is..
  • I will always remember…
  • I will never forget when…
  • The best thing I learnt this year…
  • My highlight of the year was…

Here are some teacher memories wording examples:

  • …when we went to XYZ
  • …when we celebrated XYZ
  • …when we all did XYZ
  • …when we learnt about XYZ
  • …when we made XYZ.
  • It was so much fun/so funny/a great experience.

What will you miss about your teacher?

  • I will miss…
  • …you being my teacher
  • …the way you made every lesson fun
  • …you.

To sign off the teacher thank you card children can sign their names or write a short closing message, such as “Best wishes for a great summer!”

We hope these prompts will help to guide your children and inspire them to create unique and heartfelt cards that will bring a smile to their teacher’s face and make them feel appreciated for their hard work and dedication throughout the school year.

Happy writing and best wishes for a great summer everyone!

P.S. Please do let us know what you end up writing in your teacher thank you cards in the comments, we’d love to read them!

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