Celebrate Easter with Busy Things

Celebrate Easter with Busy Things

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Say the word Easter and what immediately comes to mind? Chocolate eggs, Easter egg hunts, potentially the Easter bunny and hot cross buns? Same here, but there are plenty of other activities on Busy Things to add into the mix too. How about:

  1. A new interactive scene, which will see you hunting for different Easter eggs online
  2. Two fantastic Easter storybooks: one for younger children; another for the older ones
  3. Easter topical pack, full of information about Easter, crafts and games?

Below we reveal more about each of the above, so read on!

1. NEW for 2024! Busy World Easter egg hunt

Following on from the incredibly popular Busy World and Where’s my present?, our new interactive scene will have you searching for different coloured and patterned eggs across the landscape.

Easter egg hunt activity

The aim: to find the egg that matches the prompt and click on it.

It can be tricky, but if you get stuck, the Clue button (top right) is always on hand to hone in your search.

Play it here!

2. Two fantastic books focusing on the Easter story: one for younger children (EYFS to LKS2); another for the older ones (KS2)

Screenshot from the Easter Story book activity

The story contains the central beliefs of Christianity: that Jesus, the Son of God, was killed and came back to life to save humanity.

It describes Jesus’ last days, his friends’ betrayal, his death and subsequent ascension to heaven.

Click here to read the version for 3-9 year olds

3. Easter topical pack

The Easter topical pack for schools is great for schools without access to computers. Within it, you’ll find:

  • Fact sheets on the specific days within the Easter period (Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday)
  • An Easter traditions quiz
  • An egg-colouring craft activity (using food dye)
  • A no-cook Easter nests recipe

Just fill in your details to download!


We hope you found some new ideas to include in your lessons as we draw closer to Easter. As part of the blog, we’ve included our new activity, Busy World Easter egg hunt and our Easter story for younger children. To play them, just click on the links! You can also download our topical pack for schools above.

Want to see more of our activities?

If you’d like to see more of our activities, including many which focus on Easter, you can! Simply take a no-obligation 28-day free trial by clicking here and you’ll be able to look around the whole site.
Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter!

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