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Walk to School Week

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Walk to School Week is an annual event, which this year takes place between the 20th and 24th May. It’s run by a charity called Living Streets, which champions everyday walking and aims to raise awareness of how important walking to school is. That’s for individuals, the community and the planet.

Walk to School Week theme

Every year, Walk to School Week has a theme and, this time, it’s ‘The Magic of Walking’. Over and above this, each day focuses on a different reason to walk. These reasons being: Nature, Movement, Happiness, Friendship and Community.

Is it just about walking?

Walk to School Week does encourage children to walk to school as its name indicates, but cycling and scooting also count, as does travelling by wheelchair or mobility scooter for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

The event’s organisers also realise that walking to school isn’t practical or safe for every child, so if walking/wheeling isn’t possible for even part of the distance, they recommend that those pupils support the teacher and take on an ambassador-type role.

How Busy Things is supporting Walk to School Week

Topical pack

To help you make the most of Walk to School Week, we’ve updated our topical pack for schools.
Take a look! It:

  • provides resources to help you discuss the good reasons for walking to school,
  • helps you understand how your children get to school usually, and how they are doing so during Walk to School Week
  • will help your pupils understand the reasons to walk and share these beyond the classroom to encourage others to walk more too!

Within it, you will find a fact sheet, graph templates, tally sheets and poster templates.

Download your FREE copy of the pack here!

Online activities

Graph comparing before/during Walk 2 School Week

As always, Busy Things have plenty of activities that can be used in the classroom.

Our ‘How I get to school’ graph project is particularly good for logging how the campaign is going in your class as in the older years, you can compare two datasets (as we have done here!)

In addition to this, the following posters are particularly relevant for Walk to School Week: ‘Walk, don’t drive to school’ and the ‘Road safety poster‘ activity (right).

We’ve made both of these free to play until the end of 24th May. Simply click their links to access them!

Want to see more Busy Things activities?

If you don’t already subscribe to Busy Things but would like to see more activities like these, we’d love you to take out a free 28-day trial with us! Simply click here for this. You’re more than welcome to have a virtual tour via Zoom too. If you’d like one, contact us here and we’ll get it organised!

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